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Super Mario World Castle Theme (Dubstep/Hip-Hop)


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As mentioned, the track overall is pretty quiet. Get some mastering compression on to get the levels up. Beyond that, the synths felt like they were on the generic side, honestly. Disclaimer: I'm not really experienced with dubstep, so I don't know how much I can help in this regard.

On the arrangement side, this is a very conservative mix for OCR. I'd recommend looking at ways to expand on the theme in a creative way. Right now, things get repetative with the mix repeating several times in a faster tempo, but keeping the same general structure as the original. Drums are on autopilot as well, so be sure to try and get some variation there.

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I really like this tune. You pulled some crazy stuff in this track. The times when it pitched down threw me off. I was thinking "this doesn't work". But then I was pleasantly surprised at where you directed the sound. It did in fact work.

I want to do a cover of this tune at some point. Thank you for doing yours. It's experimental and inspiring in a way. It says to me, don't be afraid to F stuff up.

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I am not a expert at mixing or remixing but I do enjoy dubstep. So here are some of my thoughts. Personally I do not think the drums stand out enough. I think the synths wobble sythn would sound better if it was more of a bass imo. I would try not having both instruments wobble simultaneously Like around 2:50 it doesnt blend well for me. Around 4:28 was the most cleanest part of the mix. I also hear some distorted white noise that just seems to muffle the overall mix sometimes Not sure if it was intentional of not. It could be that some of the instruments are not mixing well together and needs some eqing.

I enjoy this because it was interesting and I think its kinda hard to remix video games in dubstep and drum n bass. Keep at it and keep creating your own lovely bass sounds and leads. Some parts of the mix sound muffled though.

edit: I have a few links of decent dnb tutorials and dubstep (PM me) if your interested. some for drums as well. Mainly its all about getting high quailty sample to start with. Eqing, compression if needed, layering, distort if needed. bounce and repeat if needed.

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Thanks so much, Marcusg. I looked up the links you sent me, and they worked well. After watching a few more tutorials on technique, I kind of started messing around (two original compositions on my SoundCloud show that). But tonight, I was in a sort of productive mood, and I revisited this.


It's a revision, added a little original content, rearranged it, EQ'd it, etc. What do you guys think?

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Went back and listened to this again, and the only thing it's missing is the drop.

Scratch that. There's two here, but it feels like there could be more, and it would sound fine.

Maybe a tapestop effect here and there would work. Not too much, but a few more than the two at 3:10 and 3:18

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I love Dubstep man. This is great.

Its a little quiet.

0:40 the transition is abrupt. It sounds like 2 songs pasted.

And 1:09 the track is getting pretty weird and dissonant.

1:35 to 2:40 So perfect compared to the rest of the song.

Till the end, the song is pretty nice.

Definitively love it.


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