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What would be the best program I could use to remix sounds for Mac? Garageband yields me very little results. I need something that I can create sound on the computer (if such a program exists) as well as one where I can record my Acoustic/Electric and Ocarina.

GB can do those things. "Create sound on the computer" means you're talking about a software instrument. GB has those, and can also use Audio Unit plugins. Create an instrument track, then create a region and insert notes (by cmd-clicking iirc, or by recording midi from a keyboard). Recording guitar and ocarina? It helps to have good hardware and a good room to record in, but software-wise, GB can handle it just fine. You create/select an audio track and press rec. You might have to set things up so it doesn't use the computer's built-in mic (if there is one). Not sure about macs' soundcard quality, you might have to get an external device to get good recordings.

Like Kanthos said, don't be too quick to blame the program. And there is no "best" program. once you've learned what you can and can't do in GB, move on to the other aforementioned software, try them out and pick the one you're the most comfortable with and think will meet your future needs.

edit: A few DAWs that weren't mentioned: Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Reaper. Try before you buy, you don't want to spend the money on something you find clunky, unintuitive, and lacking the capabilities you want and need.

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