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MIDI orchestral rendering needed for original game music (unpaid)

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I've recently taken on a large number of projects--all scores to visual novel games. Two in particular require orchestral music.

When writing with general MIDI using my sequencer, orchestral music comes naturally and fluently. But when adding in all those fancy synths and sampling programs, the production details significantly slow me down--and often frustrate me to the point where I can't compose anymore because nothing sounds the way I want it to.

So, I'm looking for someone who IS skilled in the production department and can render orchestral midi with high quality synth. I'm not asking for an orchestrator--the midi files will come fully "orchestrated".

The renderer would be responsible for:

-Retaining all dynamics relative to the synth used

-Properly implementing articulations based on the source midi (it will be perfectly clear)

-Recognizing and retaining other ornamentation such as trills, grace notes, etc. (i.e., in general midi, trills will be "hand-made" with rapid note changes, but when rendered should use actual samples of trills)

-Optimizing the music as a synthesized orchestral performance without altering the orchestration

The renderer should:

-be familiar with traditional orchestration

-be familiar with live orchestral performances

-possess high quality synth (I use Quantum Leap) and the necessary software (sequencer, samplers, etc.) to render MIDI files

-instruments include those of the traditional orchestra, plus extended families (piccolo, alto & bass flute, english horn, bass clarinet, saxophones), piano, organ, and chorus (not necessarily lyrical chorus, although that would be great!)

The renderer will not have to worry about things like transposition, etc. I am looking for MIDI files to be rendered with orchestral synth and output as an audio file. The MIDI files themselves will be configured as one instrument group per staff (i.e, all violins on staff x, all flutes on staff y, etc.) but individual percussion instruments will have their own staff. If it is easier for the renderer, I will separate all 1st/2nd/3rd parts of the string and wind families onto their own staves--feel free to post here and advise on this.

There will be about 12 pieces of music. Most will be at or under 2 minutes in length. We have about three weeks. Depending on how quickly we can work, I may need more than one renderer.

The renderer will be credited in-game as Music Producer/MIDI Renderer--or whatever is most accurate. There will also be a free soundtrack release, again with the proper credits.

If things go well and the renderer is interested in continuing work with me, there is a slightly larger project in the works that will need orchestral music. Some future projects may include paid work--no guarantee that there will be any--but if I get paid, you get paid.

Interested individuals should post a sample of their orchestral audio productions. Please feel free to post with questions or comments.

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If you ever decide you have a budget and change your mind about asking people to make your music sound better for free.

I do professional MIDI Programming for a price.

I have done it for composer Richard Jacques on Highlander: The Game (which was never released by Eidos), I have done it for Mick Gordon of Game Audio Australia for Marvel Superhero Squad for the Wii, and I have done it for LucasArts for Monkey Island 2: Special Edition which released on XBLA, PSN, iPhone/iPad, Steam/PC, etc.

I also do it for myself on every game I work on.

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hi, i would be happy to try, i have recorded string sections before both live and vst for use on jazz albums but never full orchestration via midi, i am however very familliar with the production techniques/recording techniques involving recording an orchestra and mixing them (though ive never applied that to midi orchestration particularly) i do have a fulll time job as a pianist/mixer/arrange so if your looking for a huge time commitment i might not be your guy, however if you would like to try me out, please send me a midi file to orchestrate even if you dont like the final product itll be a good experience for me, and i wont take it personally or anything haha.

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I'd like to have your job as a paid hobby :)

On a serious reply tho, unpaid ? Welcome to the world man, show money and you'll get somebody right away.

Sometimes it feels like a hobby, especially when I encounter many people in the course of a single day expecting professional quality at amateur rates. :(

But I do have indie rates and would charge differently on this job than I would on say Marvel Superhero Squad.

(by the way, my gig with Highlander was choir programming)

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i guess the closest thing availble to show of "orchestral rendering" is on my youtube, i played one of my friends favourite songs from mozarts opera the magic flute, its only 10 instrument score + voices, but you get the idea, and yeah ignore my sometimes slightly out of time playing because as you can see im playing each part live, just focus on the sound quality lol

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Thanks Gintoki, I'll be in contact with you. The sound quality is adequate for what I'm looking for.

dannthr and XST: I'm no stranger to paid work, and just recently finished work on a large-scale project (over 2 hours of original music, all composed and produced by myself). It was exhausting, particularly the production part of it.

When taking on these new projects, I specifically went into a particular community knowing I wouldn't find paid work. And I'm enjoying it a lot. See, professional composition was originally going to be the Big Plan for my life. But, that changed, and for the better. My new career is infinitely more rewarding (though time-consuming and demanding on a variety of levels) and the best part is that I can still compose for games as a hobby.

Thus, I entered this board seeking like-minded individuals. Believe me, I'd love to be able to pay for this work; and I'd like to be paid for my work as well. But I signed onto unpaid projects as a hobbyist, though I've done professional work in the past. That's OK with me. I'm hoping to find others that feel the same way. It's why I specifically marked the topic "unpaid".

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