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Sonic Spinball: Lava Powerhouse


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Hi guys,

This is a ReMix of Lava Powerhouse from Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive/Genesis) called Heart of Magma. It's a work in progress and requires some work but I'm a little stumped as to what.

Please give it a listen. It is intended to have lyrics so follows a verse-chorus kinda structure.


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Haha, I'm also working on a remix of this same song. It needs some love. :]

It's a little hard to judge since you don't have the lyrics in yet. What I hear sounds good for the most part though. I'd suggest that whatever parts don't have vocals, really kick it up a notch and do some good breakdowns to transition between verses or something. It all kind of blends together so maybe you could throw in some variation here and there so it doesn't get repetitive. The detuned opening is pretty nice, maybe have something transition the intro to the part at :12

I'm not a pro though so take my words with a grain of salt :P

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Seems like clashing notes or just really weird harmonies. You should check that.

Interesting bass drum rhythm, might have a little too loud lows. The sound design is a bit simplistic, but it works ok. Seems mixed a bit low-mid-heavy, needs more highs in the instruments. Your loud lead towards the end is too loud, seems to me like one of your problems with this track is making leads and foreground stuff stand out - easily solved by making some of the other tracks more background-y.

Interesting. Could be good. :D

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