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Silent Ice

finished This might be the best song I've made....

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Nice work, it's definitely catchy.

A tad bit repetitive though, it follows the same structure the whole song:

-start lightly

-build up

-start to get some heavy bass

-synth laser/explosion type sound back to light


-After the first drop the same theme is used throughout the entire song, it's a catchy theme but it needs some more variation to it, maybe a key change would help.

The beginning was the best in my opinion.

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I agree with you fully actually, that seems to happen to a lot of my songs recently where they start out great but lose their touch later on. I'm working on a song right now and I'll make sure this time it won't happen again lol :-D and I think I will try a key change...:idea:

and Modus! more like your Untz in my Atari!! :mrgreen:

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I just find when people ask for opinions I always go into making suggestions on how I think it could be improved, nice work.

Which is exactly what I wanted so thanks for that.


I haven't worked on a song since that WIP. I should remedy that.

Yes Modus you should lol

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