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Weekly Orchestral Competition


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I have created a new competition for the purpose of improving orchestral writing.


Shrack and I were discussing how it is difficult to do orchestral work within a One Hour Compo. The discussion led to having a competition that is solely related to orchestral music.

Goal : Improve a composer's skill at writing music for Orchestra.

Rules : No synthesizers. Only use orchestral libraries, soundfonts, or orchestral vsts. There is no limitation on what programs you can use to write the music. General Midi instruments are acceptable (but if you can find something better, please do!)

Themes: Competitions will be based on thematic ideas, orchestration techniques, or composition techniques.

Time : After Magfest, I plan to start the competition at 5PM on Friday and let it run until 9 PM on Sunday night. This will provide ample time to create an idea and expand upon it.

Until then, I am going to start the compo on Friday and make it run until Tuesday at 9 PM. (For this week some time is cut short.)

I got some advice from Jeff Ball on where to start learning orchestral music and techniques for writing it.

The book on writing for orchestral instruments

Principles of Orchestation

Score Study :

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)!

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Due to the holidays, the last compo did not take off. I almost forgot about it but John St. John himself was curious why the last one did not take off...

Theme :

One of the most memorable pieces of orchestral music is Beethoven's 5th. The 4 note motif is simple and memorable.

Create an orchestral piece that revolves around a simple motif.

Rules :

Only orchestral instruments are allowed. No synthesizers.

some free orchestral vst's can be found here ...


Compo Link :


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Anyone can join. Just get yourself an account at solid composer and submit your music! Welcome and I look forward to hearing your entry.

OK thanks, I'll probably do that tomorrow :D

EDIT: Sorry, does it have to be an original composition? Or can it be a remix?

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