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OCR02324 - *YES* Pokémon Trading Card Game 'Ascent Through the Atmosphere'

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OCRemix Song Submission:

Song name: Ascent through the Atmosphere

Contact Information:

Your ReMixer name – Level 99, Emunator

Your real name - Stevo Bortz, Wes McDonald

Your website –

Your userid – 13318, 16467

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged – Pokemon Trading Card Game

Name of individual song(s) arranged – Water, Rock, & Psychic Clubs



Composer: Ichiro Shimakura

System: Game Boy Color

Developer: Hudson

Publisher: Nintendo

Year: 1998 (JP), 2000 (US)

Comments on the song:

Who did what: Emunator - Piano, arrangement assistance, Level 99 - Everything Else

This is going to be a very special, from-the-heart submission letter to you OCR folks. Last MAGFest, I met a wonderful girl who I've been dating ever since. It's basically due to ReMixing and OCR that I had the opportunity to meet Valérie, so it is completely appropriate that I decided to ReMix one of her favorite tracks from Pokemon Trading Card Game for her birthday this year. I stepped pretty far outside of my normal musical style to do this, and it took quite a long time to get it to where I was happy. Valérie means everything to me, and it was worth making this just to see the smile on her face. The song is meant to convey the feeling of bliss and contentment that she brings to my life. Hopefully others enjoy it as well.

The song is an ambient electronica mix of the Water, Rock, and Psychic Clubs that was inspired by Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss. The original song didn't provide a whole lot to work with, but I stretched it out pretty far, keeping the main melody line intact for the majority of the song. The chord progression is a simplified version of the bass from the source, and there are two original sections to break up the song that have been source-inspired.

I have to give a huge amount of thanks and credit to Emunator, who really helped make this mix possible. By not only giving me lots and lots of feedback on the mix, but also agreeing to help by contributing piano, he helped me achieve the song I was going for. It was such a pleasure working with him, despite some of the technical issues we had to get over to make it all work. I look forward to the next time we get to collaborate.

Breakdown of source:

0:03-0:16 - guitar introduces chord progression

0:16-0:29 - part of backing from source is adapated

0:29-1:32 - melody on piano

1:32-1:58 - original section inspired by the source material

1:58-3:02 - melody comes back as a synth lead

3:02-3:48 - original ending section, also inspired by the source including direct melody references

Song length - 228 seconds

Source usage - 13 + 63 + 64 = 140 seconds

Total percentage - 61%

I am so incredibly lucky to be a part of this community, and it has brought me so many incredible things as I've been involved. If you'll pardon me for ending on a sappy note, I can't imagine my life without Valérie now, and I have OCR and the video game remixing community to thank.



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Nice gated synth. :nicework:

This is a really good expansion of the theme, and seems to be a pretty seamless collab, despite what may or may not have actually happened during it's creation. I love the epic drawn out vocals as well, and the gritty guitar helps give the song extra character. Thanks for the breakdown, it seems pretty accurate. :-)


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Agreed with Andrew, you guys produced a good collab, and it flows very nicely. Plenty of good things going on here, and the arrangement itself is very personalized. I'm not totally digging the 'radio talk' in the background near the end, mostly because it's a little too loud compared to the music, but it's still fine as is.


BTW, did you stretch those vocals to 800%?

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Beautiful arrangement. Those vocals pushed way back into the soundscape like a pad were amazing, a great effect. In fact, there's a lot of creative sound design in this. The piano wasn't integrated quite as well I would like, it's a little loud and maybe too warm. The higher octave piano stuff worked better in the mix. Yay for nitpicks.


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Great choice of source.. this is one of the best gameboy soundtracks ever made, imo. love the arrangment. reminds me of OA's lighter stuff sometimes with the stuttered synths. also digging the guitar tone and lead synth, and all the pitch bending in the backround. very cool, creative stuff, and a great collab. I suppose Emunator can be an ocremixer after all. ;D


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