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Submitting C64 & Amiga remixes

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I've a bunch of Amiga remixes which I've been requested to release them here. As I only found one Amiga remix here, I want to know wether I can upload them here instead of Amigaremix. Files are in 192K/Bit and in final version. Regarding the instructions I'm a bit unsure wether I could upload all 5 tracks at one day:

1. Send only one submission at a time. Multiple submissions will not be evaluated. 2. Wait three weeks between submissions. Submissions received more frequently than this will not be evaluated.

Does it mean that I can only submit one song within 3 weeks? And if yes, what's the reason for this issue?

Thanks you and greetings from germany!

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You can submit them here _and_ upload on amigaremix. Nobody says you must post them only here. :P

And yes, only once track submitted per 3 weeks. That way, the judges won't end up judging hundreds of tracks submitted by the same n00bs, and the same skilled remixers won't overwhelm the line-up of remixes to be posted. It also forces you to consider your tracks while you wait between submissions, evaluate them and improve them if you can. That way, they stand a better chance of passing the judges' evaluation and getting posted here.

Can't say when this rule was implemented, and I have a line-up of mixes to sub so it bothers me too atm. ;)

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