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DKC2 - here's another brambles remix for ya (dubstep)

CC Ricers

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With all the Stickerbush/brambles remixes out there, I didn't bother to attempt my hand at remixing it, until now.

This one's going for a more laid back, ambient but still groovy type of dubstep. I got most of the sounds down pat, now to just finish remixing it up. Transitions might sound a bit jumpy in the beginning but I think it all smooths out from there.


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Learn to levels mix, dude. :P

Besides the overcompression and some other volume-related problems, you should work on your sound design more. The sounds themselves aren't bad but you should consider their placement more, seems like there's lots of tracks in the foreground and nothing further back. All those dry arpeggios and stuff make the whole thing sound newby.

And then there's the transitions. No matter how good the track gets later on, the beginning of a mix is the first thing ppl hear, obviously. Work on those transitions, or just cut out the parts that are problematic, no matter how much you love them.

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To me it sounds big enough already :P

Rozovian, you're right, I jumped too far ahead with the compression so I removed it and re-adjusted the levels of the instruments without compression so they don't clip. Then I just threw a soft limiter on it. It's still not perfect but you should hopefully hear more dynamics (at least when I compared the two versions I noticed a huge difference).

Also, the lack of reverb on the arpeggio lead was intentionally a stylistic choice but I guess it won't sit well with a lot of people so some reverb has been added.

I re-uploaded this new version, same link as before.

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Pretty neat effort here

You lost me around :35 when those synths came in. As a general rule, which can be broke from time to time, you don't mix layers like that so foward in the mix. Pads, strings, synths etc ...

Slap a low pass filter over that synth at least and give is some modulation. Listen to how buried your bass instrument is underneath that bright synth.

Send me the stems to this mix and I'll remix a section of it to show you what I'm talking about.

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Cause I like CC (though havn't been to OCR in a while...) I bestow on you my drunken first thoughts.

I love the source. I just do... There's a reason it's made so many A lists here on OCR. I actually when I beat DCK2 and was recording things from TV speakers onto a TALKBOY recorder in MONO made this track a must have.

That harsh buzzy lead is no way to begin, you gotta tone it down and get into that a little later on. You don't want something like that up front leadin the way.

Just before 0:56, you could use a more powerful lead up to that real heavy bass sound. To this point, you havn't had much in the way of that frequency in this track. Consider adding a transition or a bass part to the intro to help ease us into that powerful bass part.

The lead you have is overpowerd by the bass sounds. Consider lowering them when the lead comes in.

That's it for this episode. Tune in next week for...

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