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OCR01292 - *DP* Shivers 'Cerebral Rose Jam'


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Personally, I love it, but can we get the original just for due diligence? Michael - got a link? Also, I'd love to hear more about the samples and where they came from... - djp

Hey djp- got a new mix for you. It's from a somewhat obscure PC game by Sierra called Shivers. It's a really simple little melody, but this was one of my favorite games growing up so I thought I'd try to do something with it.

If it does happen to get posted- there I few changes to my profile:

I no longer have a website and my email address is now mdover006@yahoo.com




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Yeah, my submission email wasn't exactly very detailed.

The main theme (which Larry's post above links to) was used as the basis for several arrangements within the game. So sometimes it was played slowly, sometimes quickly, with backing material, or sometimes solo. My own take of the melody takes it at a more leisurely pace.

As far as the samples go- the ethnic samples are from Quantum Leap's Rare Instruments collection, the piano is the one that comes bundled with GigaStudio, the percussion is from Sonic Implants and everything else was freely downloaded.

Oh, and the original soundtrack was composed by Guy Whitmore. Here's the Gamespot page for the game http://www.gamespot.com/pc/adventure/shivers/index.html?q=Shivers

This probably isn't necessary, but just to help you out I'll quickly run down how the theme appears in the mix. At :25 the piano plays the first 6 notes of the theme [1 b6 5, 1 4 5], but ornamented a little. At the :39 the rest of the melody is played.

The fiddle at 1:16 plays only the opening six notes before diverging. At 1:44 the pad synth plays the full melody. Then you have a few repeats until the whole theme is played through twice starting at 3:50

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Absolutely incredible and one of my favorite mixes from Israfel. The opening duduk phrases are chosen perfectly and set the mood from the start. Solo fiddle and middle eastern hand percussions also helps establish a middle eastern motif. Piano work is subtle and sounds great in the background too. I love the chords in this.

Production is excellent. Even with the freebie samples like the papelmedia choir and synths it doesn't sound out of place with the other high quality samples. I particularly like the soundstage here with the clever use of reverb and even the attention paid to little things. Like the stereo delay on the finger cymbals.

I have no gripes. This is an excellent mix combining influences from arabic, new age and jazz. Stellar.

easy YES

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Looks like getting a copy of the source tune isn't gonna happen, since even SlightlyDark.com is coming up empty, but I trust Mike, so I'll gladly give a review/vote out of support. For any of you who initially go "WTF, this track iz too weird! Where'z da sturcture at?" just give it several listens. You'll see what I mean.

I'm not up on what to call every one of these instruments. Let's just say there's a lot of Middle Eastern flavor here and leave it at that. Just checking out the melody, there are so many variations on it, that you know the arrangement is good. Loved all the sounds here and, like Gray said, the piano was beautiful support work. Though there were never too many instruments or sounds in play at once, there was never a feeling of emptiness or a lack of activity here. Dunno how he pulls it off.

Hot stuff with the fiddle as well as the vox. Who knew you could make a fiddle sexy? See, that last sentence doesn't even sound right, does it? If you're familiar with Mike's Donkey Kong Country mix "Godiva in the Desert" or his Chrono Trigger mix "Lesser Kerubic Patchwork", you'll recognize a number of the samples from there. Very nice, recognizable sounds from Michael that really brand his style of music, yet don't sound homogeneous in their usage from mix to mix. So I'm sure we'll all enjoy when Ari takes valuable time out to shit on it once it's posted.

I also had to say that this track makes great makeout music. Cue it up in the background for your lady. Let give y'all a peek into the secret world of the judges for more comments:

<Liontamer> Oh yeah, Mike, Cerebral Rose Jam is great makeout music

<Israfel> Larry- that's almost what the mix is about anyways, so

<Gray> larry please

<Gray> we're not interested in your making out sessions with caramella

<Liontamer> STFU!

<Nowshky> whos caramella, some fat bitch?

<Nowshky> if caramel is part of the name, obesity is abound

<Israfel> heh

<Israfel> It's himself?

<Liontamer> Caramella is my better half

<Gray> in drag

<Israfel> Now that's *really* what the mix is about...

Binnie as well as the VGF people should love that. But in all seriousness, this track is excellent and offers more unique work from someone I was afraid we'd never hear from again. Especially given that he was MIA for a while and seemingly gone from the community, it's definitely been a privilege working with Mike on the panel. I'm glad "Cerebral Rose Jam" saw the light of day here, and I'm sure most of you will enjoy it as well. Great energy, very loopable, and very unique stuff for the community.


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