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Optimizing audio in YouTube clips

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I was wondering if anyone has good advice to share when it comes to making your YouTube clips sound as good as possible? Which format, bitrate and sample rate do you use?

Any input much appreciated!

For movies and video and stuff, if you output your video in 1080p or 720p, selecting one of those quality options EDIT:ON THE YOUTUBE PLAYER will affect the quality of the audio too, so HD Video is a must for good on youtube. For bitrate, 192 Kbps is kinda around the minimum for good quality unless you're on super expensive listening gear.

But, if you want to upload music for people to criticize, don't use Youtube. It compresses the audio no matter what way you put it... I'm pretty sure it even compresses down WAV's. If you specifically want the youtube audience, then make the video HD. The newer Windows Movie Makers let you output 1080p directly (well maybe not DIRECTLY) to Youtube.

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