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Rayman's Band Land Level


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This site needs some good Rayman mixes.

Amen to that.

Loving the piece, my man. Here are some things I was thinking about while I listened...

On first listen, I thought that it sounded rather empty for a majority of the song, but on re-listen, it doesn't bother me too much, if at all.

I'd experiment with multiple leads. Having the same flute-ish lead the entire time gets stale eventually. Use those steel drums for more than just a small backing loop, why not? I know the original has a flute lead for the majority of the song, but the key here is not the entire song.

Last, your drums are begging for more variation, just little flares here and there that keep it real and bring a more human feel to the song. Latin is all about emotion; spice things up a bit more (I mean more than just the fills). Keep your audience on their toes!

Best of luck!

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Good points! I appreciate the input. So I'll shorten up the intro build up, create 2 or 3 new latin drum loops to use sporadically, and get a nice steel drum solo in there or may some back and forth with the flute. Any other suggestions? Cuz this really helps!

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