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  1. @prophetik music I'm looking at ordering parts for a new rig very soon! My company has a program which refunds 20% of nearly all purchases that will go into an employee's personal build. However, I recently discovered that this program is ending August 31st. Now that I'm timeboxed, I lack the ability to take my normal approach of reading Every Review of Everything Ever. I'm seeking guidance so I don't do something stupid and preventable. I built my current PC about 5 years ago. i5-2500k, ASUS P8Z77-V, 8GB DDR3, EVGA GTX 550Ti, 3TB HDD from WD in a mid tower (Corsair Carbide 300R). It's going in the basement to serve as a media box/arcade/stepmania machine -- Please pick holes in this as much as you can, especially if you have choices that would be better (or would better take advantage of that 20% discount). I've been out of the game and I don't know what brands are solid any more. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/gZwfPs i5-6500, Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3HP, Corsair Vengence LPX (2x8), EVGA GTX 1070, EVGA G2 @ 550W, Samsung 850 EVO, WD Black 2TB @7200 CPU: The processor has been a toss-up between the 6500/6600/6600k. To be honest, I'm having a hard time believing anything can measure up to the performance and value I've gotten from the 2500k. I figure I might not need to OC on the new rig, so skipping over the unlocked cpu might save a few bucks. Then again, OC has made the 2500k competitive even now, so maybe it would be worth it down the line? Hard for me to say. Mobo: I know what to expect with Gigabyte. Without OC, the H170M-D3HP should be good enough. If I end up getting a 6600k, I'd go with a Z170. Probably GA-Z170X-UD3 or MSI's Z170-A Pro. I've never ran a rig with anything other than full ATX. Are there any benefits other than size to using a smaller mobo? RAM: Pretty sure I'm locked to 2133 unless I end up with a better mobo. I've had Corsair RAM in the past and have had good experiences with their customer service if there is an issue with the sticks. GPU: Normal use is 2x1080p + 1440p. Gaming use is 1080p@144hz or 1440p@60hz. I think this justifies the 1070. VR down the line would be neat if/when it takes off. EVGA has always treated me well. The GTX 1070 SC ACX 3.0 is $381 on Jet, and my company's 20% rebate program would knock that down to $305ish. I'm happy with that. SSD: I'm late on the SSD train. Don't know much here. Saw you recommended Mushkin a few pages back? HDD: WD has had my back for years and years. Unless their drive failure rates are higher than I remember, this works for me. PSU: G2 line seems crazy good. Case: If you have any cases that come to mind, I'm all ears haha. Otherwise I'll get something boring and cheap with good airflow. Misc: Is a PCI/PCIe sound card worth spending cash on nowadays? EDIT: I can grab a spare optical from another rig; I'll want Win7 on the new build
  2. Relevant: Ben Brigg's most recent album, The Briggs Effect 3 begins with a track dedicated to Project M.
  3. Mod of the decade right here. Super super huge props to the PM dev team.
  4. Got to play a test build yesterday with a PMBR (Project M Back Room) member and it is really shaping up. 2.6b is a blast but some of the new ideas they've got on the table are going to blow your mind. Of course, Roy and Mewtwo feel awesome! This thread hasn't been updated in a while, so here's an example of one of the new things coming to 3.0:
  5. History stuff: I had a bunch of top times in Crash Team Racing, like ten years ago when that was a thing. Got into running Super Metroid a couple years ago but after I reached my personal goal of sub 1:20:00 any% and sub 2 hours 100% I kind of just swore off it. Trying to SS the last level in Dustforce ( ) before I work on speedrunning the game. In terms of notable times I've got a few top 10s but I really want to work up consistency enough for races. I'd love to eventually have top 20 times on every stage, but that's a long way off.
  6. The most emotional scene in FF7, in my opinion.
  7. Congratulations!!! All the best to the both of you!
  8. Dang, I remember seeing this one almost four years ago? Good stuff from elzfernomusic!
  9. This is decidedly awesome. It's lacking here and there, but you've got a really solid foundation. I'd give you a few arrangement tips but it looks like you're mostly asking just for production advice, and I have little/no experience on that front. What I do notice: Bass is too loud in the first section in contrast with the rest of the mix. When things cut out, it correspondingly sounds MUCH more empty than it would if you were to reduce the levels of your (saw?) bass line, until things pick up ~0:15. The interesting arpeggios at 1:00 could be brought out and bit and the mid/highs boosted. GOOM GRAMPS <3 Snare after the 'drop' could hit a little harder. It could probably use some reverb, too. 2:32 is a nice balance between everything. Things get muddy with the choir beginning around 2:48. I can't pinpoint what's up though, sorry man. The cymbal hits clash with JonTron before the second drop. His vocals need to be brought to the fore, the cymbal lowered (or possibly just removed... it's a little boring). Anyway. Good stuff.
  10. Okami was so immensely satisfying--it easily ranks in one of the top 3 games I have ever played ever... I'd highly recommend giving it another shot if possible. Also, having beaten it on both the PS2 and Wii, I can wholeheartedly recommend the PS2 version over the latter. Personally, I didn't have much trouble with the Wii version, but I can say that I did indeed enjoy the PS2 version more as it was certainly less finicky (and the controller didn't break immersion, as all Wiimote-controlled games tend to). The ending to Borderlands deserves a mention as wholly unsatisfying, in my opinion.
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