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Warcraft, Starcraft based theme park being built in China.


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Apparently there is a starcraft, warcraft theme park being built in china called joyland. It might be some stupid prank, but their main website looks pretty legit http://joyland.ccjoy.com/main.html

The section of the park devoted to starcraft will be called Universe of Starcraft. The section for warcraft will be called Terran of Warcraft. Those are just rough translations though.

here are some short articles that include concept arts and more info.



Its not sure whether this is legal or if Blizzard actually have anything to do with this. Heck it might be some virtual world for all we know...

Though the concept of a theme park based on a game such as Starcraft and Warcraft seems pretty cool, I would really like to see how this turn out; could be awesome or a disaster. Well if anything the bgm is pretty neat...

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