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SirRus feat. Ted Kennedy Lufia 1 Remix


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I never thought I would see the day that TED *BLEEP*ING KENNEDY would be in a real remix. This track is DELICIOUS.

The intro is nice, but a bit too slow. I think that you need to add some more content. The speech part is also a bit long, so if you can, try to cut it down. Also, this mix is painfully short, and ended abruptly. There is much to improve.

If you can get this mix passed the judges, I will give you a treat (not guaranteed).

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right on right on brother bear thanks for the listen and feedback i'll take it into account. just fyi tho this is all i have for now but this is def not the final length, many many additions and changes to be made, and i do really appreciate your time to listen and comment.

later gater

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:) Glad to see ya back in the game!

Looks like your link is bad (or, at least not working for me).

Here is a Youtube link to the source tune:

Now then, the piano in the intro is beautiful. It would be awesome if you can extend it a little longer and maybe have it playing a bit more throughout the mix in the background.

The voice sample came in a tad bit loud. It kinda scared me. The second time it came in, I can hear the sudden applauding from the crowd. I would probably fade that part it so that its not as abrupt.

The panning on those bongos, the ones that bounce from left to right when the main melody comes in, is a little too wide. I suggest bringing them a bit closer to the center and maybe put in a nice drum pattern for them.

The drum work can use a little more "oomph" as well. The snare is a bit weak and the kick should have more bump to it.

I can't wait to hear more!

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