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Megaman soccer: Dr wily field


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For some reason not many people know of this song and it's fairly unpopular, but it's great.

And since im trying to get a remix accepted I thought my best shot would be with this song, since there is NO version of it updated AT ALL, that I can find anyway.

Here's the original song since you probably don't know it

And here is my remix


I'm not QUITE finished with it yet, still some tweaking to do,so i would love some good honest feedback.

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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Megaman Soccer track. You immediately get props for tackling this underappreciated game, here.

Well, let's see what we have, here.

Frankly there's a lot to like about this arrangement-wise. Unfortunately, the production doesn't seem to back it up, quite yet. The samples are oftten not good (those saws and squares, along with the fake guitar, and those pads are a bit weak), the bass track is very hard to hear, and the drum track is quite hard to pick out, there.

The mixing is a bit sporatic, there - the melodies get thrown to the back, the bass is mixed so far back that it's hard to even hear it. The textures seem to take the forefront, which is a bit backwards. Be sure to mix things into their proper places - melodies in the front, the bass should be loud enough to hear, and the textures, while neat, need to be in the background.

Not a bad track, but there's a lot of room for improvement. Great source, though - people need to hear more MM Soccer, here.

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