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Just the Tips: Weekly (to bi-weekly) column on promoting your brand (and music) on the web


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So I've been working in web marketing for about a year now, and everytime I can I try to teach artists in the community a little bit about how to promote their stuff on the internet.

Since I don't do much music now a days I get pretty bored on Thursday nights while starla host's one-hour compos. So every Thursday evening I go through the basics on what you need to know to get your name out there on THE INTERTUBES.

I call it: Just the Tips.

The description from the column:

Just the Tips is a weekly column of helpful tips to help musicians promote their music on the internet by Doug Arley. Doug is a web developer and project mananger for an Orlando based web marketing company where he helps professionals nationwide manage their online reputation on a daily basis. Whether it's developing a social media presence, or setting up artist website, Just the Tips has something for every aspiring artist.

I STRONGLY encourage ANY artist in the community whom even "kind of" take their music seriously to consider everything discussed. As I discussed in the first article I use the world "brand" because once you start trying to promote yourself, that's what you become: a brand. Your name, your artist name, your band name, it all becomes a brand that you want to be recognizable through the internet. True "branding" will also become very important some point in the game, and will be discuss as well. Most of topics discussed will be tailored specificly toward musicians, but some of it has been tailored from my experiences working with small business and would work for others in similar situations. Additionally, as discussed in the plagiarism thread, it's ESPECIALLY important on the internet to take control of your work, and your brand because if you do not, someone else will, and that's the last thing you want.

So far I've covered Why you NEED a Facebook Page, and some tips on getting the most out of your Facebook Page once it's up. This week I'm planning on talking about the importance of a YouTube profile for Musicians, and later a few articles on how to really work that for all it's worth (because for musicians YouTube is the hotness now a days).

Some other things I plan on covering include:

  • Why you should have your own domain if you don't have one already
  • The basics requirements of a website
  • Why I recommend Wordpress amongst most things for setting up your website
  • How to organize your website to make sure users get to the content you want them to
  • How to optimize your website for Google
  • How other social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and tumblr can help expand your web presence

I have an infinite number of things that I could talk about, and this stuff changes every day as well, so I don't expect to have much trouble doing a weekly column. (I mostly say "to bi-weekly" incase something comes up, and I don't have time to write an article ahead of time, or assuming that I MAY actually want to compo some day).

If anyone has any questions about specific things, or suggestions on what I should write future articles about, I'm all ears. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can but just know that I can't give ALL the secrets away, else I may very well lose my job :tomatoface:

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Tying in with the last 2 weeks' posts about Facebook:


This makes bing a LOT more relevant for every reason listed in the first column. You HAVE to have a Facebook Page.

I'm going to cover it a little more today before I talk about YouTube, but I wanted to point it out now because it's PRETTY huge. Bing may not have seemed relevant before, and may not be immediately relevant, but this makes it WAY more relevant than ever before.

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