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C64 remixes played as walk-on music at BAFTA Awards


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Wednesday saw the British Academy Video Game Awards, and they played C64 remixes as walk-on music for the presenters.

Seeing Ben Kingsley walk on to my remix of Last Ninja 3 was a bit surreal, even if the tune only played for a few seconds.

The tunes played were:

Reyn - Galway - Comic Bakery Title

Chris Abbott - Hubbard - Thalamusik 2000

Reyn - Daglish- Bombo

Tron - Hubbard – Sanxion

Reyn - Daglish - Deflektor

Makke - Reyn - Last Ninja III

Makke - Joseph - Sacred Armour of Antiriad

Donne - Hubbard - Knucklebusters

Instant Remedy - Hubbard - Commando

Donne - Hubbard - Lightforce

Reyn - Follin - Magic Johnson's Basketball

Reyn - Norman - Aztec Challenge

Reyn - Cooksey - Ghosts and Goblins

Reyn - Galway - Arkanoid Title

Reyn - Galway - Parallax Title

The ceremony was televised and can be streamed from here


Oh, and good friend of the C64 remixing community - as well as computer game legend - Jon Hare, founder of Sensible Software, presented the award for Use of Audio.

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