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OverClocked Remix Question


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I have a youtube channel called CMatch07, where I do video game walkthroughs of many kinds. After listening to the Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business compilation, I remembered from all those childhood days of mine where I spend countless hours playing the game. Which got me thinking; why not do a walkthrough of Donkey Kong Country 2?

This is my question; becuase of the copyright laws place on youtube, i was wondering if can use the songs on that compilation for use in my videos. I will make sure that any song I use will be annotated on the video as well as a link in the description to the OverClocked Remix website for reference.

Thank you so much for your co-operation.

PS: By the way, I have no idea if this is where I'm supposed to send this (haha):tomatoface:

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