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Electronica in the Safe Room.


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It isn't rude - it'd be a catch 22 if it were :P

Happy to have ya here.

Alrighty, just to start things off, it IS common courtesy to link to the source. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle :P

Overall, it's not a bad remix, at all. I like the dropoffs and the overall setting. I suspect it's too close to the source for OCR, but it's hard to say due to my unfamiliarity of the source. The instruments are very close, and the structure mirrors the source quite a bit. The overall soundscape, while it does change from time to time, feels a little static over a 6 minute span. The production is very well done, though, and the sound design is otherwise spot on.

Yeah, if you're looking for a spot on OCR you'll need to put more of your 'voice' into the track - change it up and really make it your own piece. If you're not looking for a spot on OCR then it's a nice arrangement and I like it :)

I do recommend using another site to host your music for discussion, though - YT tends to mess up the quality of the sound a little bit. There are plenty of free web hosts you can use, such as Box.net, Tindeck.com, Soundcloud or even the OCR WIP web hosting set up by Fireslash.

Best of luck with it, and welcome to OCR after your lengthy absence :)

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Thanks very much for the reply Gario. I didn't really expect one so soon.

I hadn't thought about using a music hosting site or anything like that so I will have to for this site. My apologies for not checking first. :oops: I will do that now.

Well I am not looking for a spot on OCR, although that would be cool in future. :-D Just really popped it up for a bit of fun to see if anyone liked it.

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