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  1. Thanks very much for the reply Gario. I didn't really expect one so soon. I hadn't thought about using a music hosting site or anything like that so I will have to for this site. My apologies for not checking first. I will do that now. Well I am not looking for a spot on OCR, although that would be cool in future. Just really popped it up for a bit of fun to see if anyone liked it.
  2. I think it was lovely. Very clean and ambient. Could have used perhaps a string as suggested to support the track.
  3. Hi people. Sorry to rudely post in here after not really posting on the forum but I took a long break from music until I created this. Anyway here is my first ever remix, just for fun. Remix http://soundcloud.com/nakamura-1/01-electronica-in-the-safe Source Hope you all enjoy.
  4. I think this is lovely. It isn't too overpowering, just mellow and relaxing. The strings sound amazing but I have no experience in using samples like this so maybe I am not the best to comment. Lovely version.
  5. I liked both, the first link 130-2 had a really original feel to it with some nice sport effects and panned percussion.
  6. First dubstep tune I have ever got around to listening to! Its very dark and atmopheric. The opening between 0.13-.0.19 was seriously cool. The change at around 2.10 was excellent also. Really excellent, industial feel to it.
  7. SOS The Final Escape on PS2. Terrible graphics and control but somewhat addictive title. The earthquake setting is very cool.
  8. Hello people long time fan here. Put a post in newbies. I thought I would pop my fav tune up that I have created. It is not pro because I haven't quite learned my new software yet (albeton) but it has come out well. I have no musical knowledge and just play by ear. It is dance music, kinda 1999 uk trance. Hope you like.
  9. Hello people nakamura here, real name is Martin. I have been a long time fan of this site and have many tracks from it's members. I haven't downloaded anything from the site for almost 2 years since becoming a father, life is rather hectic but I accidently stumbled across an artist called Willrock and was reminded of the quality of the music here. I am a producer myself, I will pop my tunes up in the right forum. I am no musician mind, it is all just for fun and I have never done a remix of a game. Maybe I will try sometime.
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