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This is ..... Beautiful! Ambient, pads, that Beautiful Voice(voice?). I love this "voice"! No matter what or who is it!

Drums perfectly supports music line. Just beautiful..

Not sure about pan kick(or bass?). First minute that kick kinda bothers me(because of pan i suppose). But then, I was completely obsessed with this voice and pads! So I'm not sure. And you could, maybe, boost bass line(I heard it somewhere around intro) to see whats happen. Mastering in right place imo, try boost bass and it's done! And that kick.. Not sure.

P.S. I'm gonna rerecord rhythm guitars to change some parts, record bass guitar(just in case) and then, send rar to you with all materials I have(is 4share works to you well?). Around Wednesday I think, if I wont have any fuckness on a job:grin:

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