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  1. Is there any teaser or something. I think I missed it.
  2. I have to say.. New characters suck and ridiculous
  3. Lovely.. Just lovely. Great work! Great voice! I need that voice!
  4. Hello guys! I have some kind of system failure with my gear. Trying to find the wayout. Sorry for delay.
  5. Forgot to say.. Copy one gtr track to have two and pan left/right each of em, then move one of the track 15-25ms forward. Interesting effect..
  6. Спасибо! Просто спасибо! Детство.. чуть не прослезился. Lot of exchanges here and there, voice stuff fantastic! Where(how) did you get all those voices?
  7. Not sure, что тебя поняли Лёха) Very cool vibe. For some reason I was waiting for cello somewhere at 2:02
  8. As always Rozo is the master! Just want to clarify something. Panning hard/soft/fantastic, record/write 2-100 different tracks, doesn't necessary makes your gtrs "ring out clearly". Actually you can make one single guitar track sound "ring out clearly". Synth/samples stuff works in a different way, they sounds "ring out clearly" from the begining. This makes sense if we remember the question: " both in stereo and mono?" All you need is to focus at amp and cabinet settings, but don't forget about drums and bass. The trick is that the bass and drums make ~30% of your guitar sound. In other words, if bass sounding doesn't fit the gtr, so as and drums, you'll have a disbalance in your soundscape. Buried gtrs/bass/drums or other unpleasant stuff. Sorry for my english, if i said something wierd.
  9. Your question is too wide. There is a billions ways to make billions different sounds. It all deppends of what you need right now. Mostly I use 2-4 rhythms at one time, hard panned and 2 amp with 2 cabinets. Left - amp1+cab1 Left - amp1+cab2 Right - amp2+cab1 Right - amp2+cab2 Also I use 3 rhythms. 2 hard panned and 1 at center. Some times I use 6-8 rhythms.. It's endless thing. Using same amp+cab for each gtr make your guitar sounds more upfront and "clear", but you'll lose some character. EQ is a great thing, but me personaly use only hipass at 100 Hz and -2 db somewhere 400-800Hz. Use Exciter or tape recorder or even compressor... As I said, it's endless. After all you'll understand that everything depends of drums and bass.
  10. I hope he'll back to his ElectroGlitchyTranceAmbientMelodicMetal, from the very beginning of his OCR way.. I loved his work back then! Still regret that we didn't finish our collab. Glad you in @Clem !!
  11. Just wanted to say that I've send my wip for review. Maybe I'll join this project with my own track.
  12. Check this at first https://ocremix.org/info/Frequently_Asked_Questions And https://ocremix.org/community/forum/14-help-newbies/ I'd recommend you to lurk around the forums to understand the structure. It's pretty simple. To contact people use PMs in your or their profile. This system is kinda wierd to me, cause i can't see users list. But I didn't search well. Not sure djp reply to you. He's a big and busy star. Also some forums has a "how to use" tread. Other has a description. Work shop forum(how to use):
  13. Hello. Welcome to OCR. I've checked your posts and I have to say that non of them had a ReMix. You just take a posted ReMix and record your vox. Not sure it counts as a remix. I think you shuold contact the artists who made these remixes before call their work your remixes There is not much to say, cause there is no music you made. Correct me somebody if I'm wrong please
  14. I've check every place I could and still couldn't find it. I had this album on my hdd, but now it's gone. Sorry. I should've check it before give you a hope. Going to find it somewhere. Cause that's a great album.
  15. HI! Welcome! Just post your music in https://ocremix.org/community/forum/12-post-your-game-remixes/
  16. Paragons looks kinda lonely. Looks like not much people want to be an actual hero..
  17. Лёха красава!! Но волк был крут! А и Д самые рульные пушки в контре) This game, for some reason, is the pride of Russia and the post-Soviet countries. Lot of fans..)
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