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Bioware really writes Dating Sims


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Errrmm, wow, this is kinda true, the whole dating sims by bioware I mean.

See, I was thinking of replaying Mass Effect 2 with my character in Mass Effect 1 JUST so I could prevent him from cheating on Ashley from the first game (I kinda went with Tali the first time around....the accent and "I'm an innocent Quarian who wants to take my suit off with you" kinda did it for me). I perused the latest issue of Gameinformer and noticed Ashley's gone through a redesign and certain....assets of her have become more pronounced.

So yeah, in that regard, I guess I do fall into the demographic that plays a bioware game for the dating sim stuff. Shame on me.

Although, I'm kinda hoping I get an achievement for being a good boyfriend through all 3 games. I.E. Whipped.

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Oh please. Tali was getting this long before she became a love interest. Her dialogue in the first game was basically just "Blah blah blah Geth, blah blah blah flotilla, blah blah blah immune system" and people were still clamouring for the option to bone her.

I'm going to say that Liz Sroka has a voice that can melt tungsten and that's probably why a lot of people think Tali is really cute but the amount of attention she otherwise receives is scarily disproportionate to the amount of actual awesome she has as a character (compared to Wrex, Dr Solus, Garrus, Jack, Liara's Dad, Liara...) This is because Tali is, in ME2, almost your perfect "girlfriend." She doesn't have hangups (other than Geth), listens to everything you say, adores you like some classical age hero, and conveniently has no family to annoy you. Seriously.

Incidentally the fact that you want to "replay a game so you don't cheat on Ash" is another indication of the Dating Sim-esque nature of these so called RPGs.

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