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F-Zero SNES + random tracks


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Could you please make high quality remixes of all the original tracks in F-ZERO for the Super Nintendo? Preferably in flac and mp3 320kbps.

I see some on this site, but they are in low quality :(

My wish would be at least the original tracks. Some unique tracks from F-ZERO Maximum Velocity and F-ZERO GP Legend would be nice too.

I would love if the album was hard rock and techno only, since there is already an official jazz soundtrack available.

Cover suggestions:




Opening Theme

Mute City I

Big Blue

Sand Ocean

Death Wind I


Mute City II

Port Town I

Red Canyon I

White Land I

White Land II

Mute City III

Death Wind II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

Fire Field

Select Time Theme

Lost Life

Ending Theme


Bianca City

Stark Farm

Empyrean Colony

Cloud Carpet

Tenth Zone

Beacon Port

Fire Field


Ancient Mesa

Crater Land

Mist Flow



All race tracks with several versions can have one unique remix per version.

Thanks! :)

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The Sound of Speed has already been done. ;)

Also, why does this read more like a project than a request? :P

And why does it seem like you're more concerned with the quality of the file than the quality of the arrangement and mix? :tomatoface:


I'll go for "Mode 7" as the name then. I didn't notice that it was used already as I don't like Sonic games that much.

It reads more like a project because I have been very specific :)

The cover art was just something I did for fun.

It's not the quality I'm concerned with, it's the lack of tags with WAV. I hate it.

Of course the quality of the arrangement and mix is most important.

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