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Having more sig pic than the rest of the post (name bar included) doesn't either. I'm asking because my sig is currently as long as it gets. Can't even have a line break before the pic atm.

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sure, but text sig doesn't really separate post like a picture do.

I understand that you want a bit more flexibility for your sig and the various link you put there (like mine) but some people tend to put bazillion quote in there that makes reading a thread confusing

talking from experience from a forum where only text was ok as sig, so a 17px high picture was a bannable offense but 10 line of quote from a random movie was ok. I'm pointing the extreme maybe but that's was my point in the porevious post.

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Depends on the text, of course. As pics are allowed, we're not as likely to have a wall of text in a sig. By default, it's a smaller size anyway.

Pics are moderated manually, probably by Darke whenever he sees an offender. :D Just make some sig rules - max total image height 250px, don't use text in your sig that looks like a forum post... or something like that.

Besides, the lines are measured really weirdly. My sig is apparently one line break away from too much, and it's just two lines with the pic.

So a little more flexibility would be nice, djp, anyone?

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