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  1. Good stuff, thanks. ZUNTATA's live performance there is actually what turned me onto this song in the first place. Stumbled on it while listening to some of their Darius stuff.
  2. Really awesome song for a pretty mediocre game. I'm interested in seeing other people's take on it. Please and thank you.
  3. david lloyd is a son of a bitch
  4. vg music > Publisher > series (if it's big enough to warrant i.e. Mario, Castlevania) > Game OCRs share the same folder space as other mixes and source tunes. I rarely keep albums in their own separate folder unless they're something unique about them (Chiptuned Rockman, FFIV Celtic Moon) or I'm feeling lazy. When I do, they'll go either in the game's folder or the series', depending on the scope of the album.
  5. From GameCenter CX, a Japanese TV show where Japanese comedian Shinya Arino plays through retro video games. Arino: King: Queen: Prince: LT: First Arino and the rest seem alright.
  6. Looks like it game from VGMix. http://www.vgmix.ocrmirror.org/vg2/prozax/prozax_-_Wily's_Ambition(Mega_Man_3).mp3
  7. Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge 2 - Namco Bandai Demon Arino Atlantis no Nazo (Mystery of Atlantis) - Sunsoft Wynn Umihara Kawase - NHK Umihara Door Door - Enix Chun, Invekun, Namegon, Otapyon, Amechan LT: Pass on standing Wynn (walking's better), the Umihara profile (not sharp enough, no contrast in the face), and the Door Door characters (pretty ugly sprites). But good diversity here on what was taken.
  8. Ninten, Lloyd, Ana, and Teddy; resized to 32px (click for original size) Lamp and Hippy LT: Top ones ain't nice to look at. Not really feeling the lamp or hippie, but I'm dadaist enough to allow 'em. Why not.
  9. I was playing Mega Man X the other day and noticed a perfectly usable Maverick insignia. I remember looking for one in June for Boss month and not finding any, so here you are I also noticed the Dr. Light av in the Mega Man X gallery wasn't transparent. Not sure if it's intentional or not, so I went and fixed it => And just because I'm on another Earthbound kick, here's The Forgotten Man from Mother 1, including a fan-made 16-bit version I found on Starmen.net Mother Earth LT: Rolled with the transparent MMXs and the 16-bit custom Forgotten Man. Pass on the earth. Mother 1 sprites sure look horrible.
  10. not until everyone signs my petition to square enix to add brainbusters to all future releases
  11. I want another Final Fantasy with more wrestling moves and enemy vehicles on which to perform them.
  12. I don't see a whole lot of remixers angry at all this orchestral crap and starting petitions to get a company to make more chiptunes though
  13. X-Arcades are pretty terrible from what I heard. Input lag, cheap parts, and terrible button placement are among the common complaints I've seen. If you're gonna spend that much on a controller, might as well get something decent.
  14. Damn, I didn't read the subtitle and assumed that was Twin Snakes and not Peace Walker. Still looks like a good deal though. Never got around to playing much of any of those games except for MGS2.
  15. And yet OverLooked ReMiX is practically all but dead.
  16. I see that the links in your sig are all full sized urls. You can save some character space by using a url shortening service like Tinyurl or Bit.ly for your links. Also, using an image host that uses shorter file names, such as Imgur or TinyPic, should save you a couple character spaces
  17. He was an awesome wrestler in the '80s, did some entertaining Slim Jim commercials, and did some pretty memorable voiceover work (including an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast). So yeah, what Charlie's Angel said. Unfortunately no. Randy Savage was one of the few big names of the past that Vince McMahon refuses to do business with.
  18. At least Ubisoft is somewhat aware of how terrible this thing is. They just blocked the trailer in America. http://wii.ign.com/articles/115/1152147p1.html
  19. On the positive side, it should make for great Giant Bomb Quick Look videos/Let's Play fodder.
  20. Two of the mightiest chins in all of pro wrasslin'
  21. Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA! Also, KoF Skystage and Space Invaders Infinity Gene are out for ten bux each. Space Invaders actually looks pretty fun. http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-two-shooters-one-quick-look/17-3228/
  22. You can turn the notifications off in the Settings menu if they bug you that much.
  23. So you obsess over those that obsess over them? I think they're great. They've added more replay value to some games for me. I don't really care about the gamerscore aspect, I just see them as extra challenges the devs put in there for me to complete. Unless it's an online only or stupidly impossible achievement, I'll probably go out of my way to at least try to get it. And really, so what if some people play only for the score. It's not my time or money they're wasting, so why should I care.
  24. If those are the standards of video game journalism, I'm glad I don't read any of that garbage. I just don't get how one guy getting fired for giving a game a fair unbiased review means that any subsequent games in that franchise deserve to be unfairly shit on by other reviewers. It's just as deceptive as being paid big money for positive reviews. Two wrongs don't make a right and all that jazz. Like I said, if you as a consumer want nothing to do with the franchise, fine whatever. I just don't agree with your point that the game deserves low scores solely because of the Gerstmann deal. It should earn those scores because it's a shit game. But the devs had nothing to do with it. It was Eidos. Even if the game was handed to another studio, Eidos would still be in charge of publishing and marketing.
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