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One of the best track from ff7, IMO. There wasn’t arrangement of it in the Piano Collection; so I’ve tried to make mine :-D.

This piece group several influences: sometimes calm with crystalline sounds in high, other times with more accentuated rhythm. In the 2nd part, I’ve wanted to give some religious sonorities by adding a new harmony. The mix finish by a little part from the ff9’s “Ceremony for the Gods”, track wich good marry with the first theme, I think.

The arrangement is ready, but I've still some problems of record. I’ll try to correct it later by recording in better condition.

I hope you’ll enjoy this arrangement!

EDITED LINK 2017/03/06



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For real? o.o

That's STUNNING, dude! If you could work on a less abrupt transition at 1:30 and 2:22, make the section after 1:30 sound cleaner (it probably will once you're good for the better rec) and a less unexpected ending (it could be even taken off), that would be perfect.

Seriously, I'm wowed at this. You've got a sick talent, and I totally dig it! :nicework:

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Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments!! :grin:

About transition at 1’30 and 2’22; I precisely think that it make an interesting effect by the contrast. But I agree that ending is a little unexpected. Maybe I have to rework on transition or on other end.

I think problem of recording place more at the first part (before). At 1’00, I feel an imperceptible acceleration. Not a very important, but enough to need a new record.

Any other ideas to improve this piece?

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The intro through to about 0:50 is really great, expect there's a noticeable acceleration throughout. Then I think you come in too strong, too early. The real climax of the form is at 1:10 when the harmony starts to move. This part is really strong, great bombastic playing, so I think it needs to be "built up to" a little more.

After that, it's nice when the dynamics come down. But the chordal sections at 1:30-48, then 2:08-2:22 don't really add to the arrangement - rather, they exhaust the listener's patience for that loud, bassy dynamic. If you lean on that bass E too much, it doesn't feel like the piece is going anywhere.

The quieter section at 2:22-3:00 is exactly what the piece needs more of - more contrast. Both in dynamics and harmony. You've got the parts for a great dramatic piano piece here, you just need to balance it a bit more, and make sure not to lose the melody in the faster, louder bits.

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Thanks’ for your critic!

I know there is a little acceleration. It comes at the repeat of the melody. With some training, I hope I could play that cleaner :grin:

About 2nd part (at 1’10), it was wanted to use a faster tempo. I think it was necessary for a contrast between the calm before, and the furious rhythm after. The series of harmonies at 1’10 make a transition between these two parts. Idem for 2’22; but maybe bass of E is too leaned, I agree. I’ll see to correct that.

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Update. I've recorded a new version of this piece, that I've posted on OCR.



This time, I've used an electric piano directly linked to my recording. I hope the quality sound is better.

FOr this occasion, I've corrected the end that didn't work. So, this piece is only from mining town.

I hope you enjoy :)

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