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Mega Man X8- Lumine Hard Rock

No Escape

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I've been sitting on this mix for a little bit, but I wanted to see how some critiques would treat it. Due to a lack of compatibility between my DAW and my drum sequencer, I've lost the ability to edit the drums...sigh. So I will call this track finished other than post production to make it easier for anyone critiquing. All said, I think the track is pretty cool, but some playing errors and lacking drum variety might hold it back from a submission, so I figured I would put it here to see what people thought. Thanks guys!

Source- Lumine 2nd Form

My Track- Mega Pandora

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Seconding that drumming critique

Also, halfway through the piece its interrupted with the guitar coming back into play after, like, a second. Yeah, the problem I have with that is how abrupt it sounds when the guitar comes back into play. It's as if the piece was playing normally and you merely stuck that part in between

It comes off unnaturally. I know it's in the original, but the sound flowed more naturally.

Last of all, I don't know what to say. It's nice and all, but it sounds like a straight cover from the original. And not to diminish your work on it (I like it, and lord knows I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the X series music THANK YOU FOR COVERING IT), but I doubt it would pass (since it doesn't sound like an interpretation and deviation from the original). You have to change it a lot more. Sprinkle what you did in the end throughout the song.

What compounds the problem is that the original was already in a hard rock/metal/whatever style. I mean, if it was in an orchestral format, its odds of passing might be higher since merely being in a different format is diverging quite a bit. So you might have to work a bit harder on it.

either way, nicely done.

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WHA?! Drumming crits that aren't mine? Insanity! My brain is about shot from working on mine all morning, but I'll give it a go.

Anyways. This reminds me of one of my oldskool OCR staples that I keep going back to, BrainsickMetal http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00569/ And it really makes me want to break out my sixtosounds-in-a-box and do something in the flavor of rock :-D

Choir and strings is an instant win for me, I just like the way those 2 things sound together. The transition at 0:32 is a bit abrupt, but that might be what you were going for. Feels kinda unfinished tho, it's got a very quiet high string bit that acts like it wants to be a lead in note, but is too quiet to get the job done.

As far as drumming goes, I like the half time parts in this over the double bass drum roll. How very metalcore/Mike Portnoy of you :tomatoface: Other crits aside cause you can't edit them as you mentioned.

At 2:03, you might want to bring back some of those choir/string sounds to thicken it up here a little bit just going into that transition. Not the full length of this section, but like 2:02-2:06. Something subtle so that it doesn't drop down totally to silent there.

I'd like to hear some heavier reverb in some places in general. I think it'd help the sound out a bit. Especially on the supporting instruments.

Fake ending! ...But I did the same thing in mine, so. I guess you could argue that the fade-out is classic.

Maybe the supporting guitar part needs a something? And the bass itself? If I listen for bass, I do hear the slap happy bass in the intro, and in the slow parts (and it was good :-) But as soon as the 16th bass drum rolls end, it feels like I miss it cause it was filling in a gap. Granted I've been working on mine and it has stupid amounts of bass in it, so I could have braked my brain.

Okay, in reading that one above, I've decided that what I mean to say is: needs reverb to fill out the sound a bit.

It's a good jam, going on my WIP playlist to be honest, which is starting to get scary big. Also, these crits are getting harder and harder cause you're not screwing things up at a rapid enough rate. MORE MISTAKES! :tomatoface: ...So that I can be lazy and still feel useful!

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