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  1. I guess I could throw a little love out there. To start, I've never heard the original before this, but it's actually a pretty cool ambient track, so thanks! I noticed that the original had more fullness on the low end, which is probably some of the issue you're having with the pads not sounding full enough. I'm distinctly hearing a low pad that's resonating very low (somewhere between 50-90 Hz) that gives the original that beefy sound. It sounds like its an octave of the main pad. Your kick could use a nice boost too. Overall, I would say some low end would help this track. Your piano
  2. Sixto sold his soul to the devil to create the best tracks, we all know that I'm so curious about the pops and clicks you hear, because as an audio engineer myself, I would never allow such a thing on my tracks. I actually had to re-upload a YouTube post because of clipping. And now I hear it again with the kick and the bass for the track. I thought I had it down solid (if not a bit overwhelming), and here you are the 4th person to mention it. I of course am hoping you clicked the most recent rendition of the track. I had upped both drums and bass for my final draft....Urrrgh. I gues
  3. Thanks for the awesome feedback dude. I got bumped to the originals forum, but check out my last post. I'll gladly critique your track as well. I would love to compete with a posted Remixer as long as it's not Sixto :-P. Thanks Cyril!

  4. Hey Darkesword, I put this in my thread, but sorry for posting in the wrong forum. I appreciate that you simply moved it rather than deleting everything. Again, sorry and thanks at the same time.

  5. Dude thanks for your critique. It confirmed some doubts about what I had posted. I got bumped to originals forums, but I'm glad I got some good feedback before that. Thanks!

  6. You guys are awesome, as expected. First, I will apologize to DarkeSword for posting where I shouldn't. I'll admit that I did it on purpose because I know that better ears are on the "remix" thread and the originals does not get as much attention. Still, no excuses, just sorry. To address the low end problem, this track has some serious bottom, but I think it's below 100 Hz, so chances are it's not heard without a sub. I do agree that there is a hole in the low mid range, and I think I may have worked that in. The kick in my honest opinion is perfect, and I don't even know how I got such
  7. Alright I know that posting an original work in the Remix thread is super taboo. I am submitting this track for an international contest to create a rock track about a champion from League of Legends (this track being about a vampire), and I know there are some awesome ears on this forum that can give it to me straight about the quality of the track (HewhoisIam, Rozovian and such). If this track should happen to place in the contest, I'm hoping that OCR might accept it as an honorary thing, but I am probably stretching . Anyways, hope to get some good feedback, as final submission isn't unt
  8. This is a submission for the "Song of Summoners" contest for League of Legends. The concept is to create a rock track about your favorite champ, and this track is about a vampire of some sort. To be honest, I am basically in the mastering stage right now, but I really want to get some feedback on the track in general from OCR's community. Thanks all!
  9. Steve hit me up via e-mail or pm if you want my snare samples. They are a bit dated, but I have quite a few from an Alesis D4 drum module that I personally recoding into my DAW. I would be glad to send the individual samples to you if you think you are lacking in snare quality. I personally think your current snare has too much bite and not quite enough body. I suppose you could add some low mids, but if you want new samples, I'll provide.
  10. Dead on my friend. I have a pair of each for both studio and live mixing and I'll never look back. The DT880's are far superior in my opinion, but I may just be a BeyerDynamic fanboy (I had a pair of 770's for almost 5 years before my current set). My boss however (who is a 25+ year engineer by profession), swears by the Sennheiser 280's and Sony V900's. I guess it's preference.
  11. Thanks for the input! I felt the drums might have been a little weak on the highs as well. I hate to bump, but I would like at least one more critique before I switch this bad boy to mod review to find out if it can make it.
  12. I have to agree with anti-syne in every way. You need to post more about your track and leave a source as well. I must also say that you should really consider using arrangement rather than playing in general. I don't think you quite have the skills to perform what you are doing. I'm hearing to many wild velocity changes and timing issues. You have indeed gotten better however, so that's something to consider as well. The lack of percussion is very detrimental to this track, as it becomes very bland to ears very quickly. I also noticed that there are no chords in the entire song. Not e
  13. I like what I'm hearing. Your composition is impressive. I have to say that the kick is waaay hot, and needs to come down. Actually, It might even need a new patch, because the highs on it are way sharp. Your guitars don't sound synth to me, but your delay on the leads are pretty wild. You should tone them down. The rhythm sounds perfect (good setting and good playing). I also really enjoy your synth stuff. I think your techno "industrial" sounding drums were sick as well. All said, I like the track. Good job:razz:
  14. Well Calum covered quite a bit of it with his posts, but ill just re-affirm a few things. First, I will say that even though this track is lacking in a lot of areas, it's still okay to post something like this in these forums without any real repercussions. You can only compose and produce to a certain level, so your rep will just kinda be "what it is" until your skills and equipment improve. As far as the track is concerned, I echo Calum on everything he said and I will add a few things to consider. You still need much better patches. I know it's a bummer, but basically all of your patch
  15. I've been sitting on this mix for a little bit, but I wanted to see how some critiques would treat it. Due to a lack of compatibility between my DAW and my drum sequencer, I've lost the ability to edit the drums...sigh. So I will call this track finished other than post production to make it easier for anyone critiquing. All said, I think the track is pretty cool, but some playing errors and lacking drum variety might hold it back from a submission, so I figured I would put it here to see what people thought. Thanks guys! Source- Lumine 2nd Form My Track- Mega Pandora
  16. Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen guys. I appreciate it. I think I'll submit this song in the hopes of making an entrance into the OCR remixer list (which would be sick). Emunator, thanks for the confidence boost, and for noticing that I've improved over my other remixes Steve, I'll look forward to many a great critique from you in the future
  17. WOW! A thread by my friend HeWhoIsIAm. Well I owe it to you my friend to post some good crit on your song (I didn't even know you composed like that) due to all the super crits you gave me. Thanks dude. Now for song time. I will say that you didn't include a source link. I found it easily, but most people will just disregard your entire thread, so you should remedy that. So I noticed that your track was super bass heavy. Like, gangstas in a car bumping heavy on the bass. You should probably tone down everything below 180 Hz by about 3 Db or so, and that will give you more headroom
  18. I just switched to mod review. Check my first post to see what I did. I'll leave a final version of my track in this post as well. Special thanks to HeWasInItForMe (Or something like that ) for his super solid reviews of the track.
  19. I knew it! I've been thinking about that kick all week. It is just a little too loud for the mix and I need to tweak it. I am totally bummed that you weren't sold on the intro drums, because I thought they were super nice, but I might tweak them around as well. I will say that my music theory and composition with drums are very rudimentary, so I'm not sure what you mean by tom sweeps . Are they just ascending/descending tom rolls? Also, I am thinking your headphones might be a little harsh in the higher register, because they cymbals sound pretty great on every speaker or headphone I list
  20. I did a little more on revisions, so I will call this the "final" final draft. Literally all composition is done, and I'm just working on a little more mastering... Hope it pleases
  21. I decided to do a hard rock cover of Loki from Ar Tonelico and I was hoping to get some feedback. This is a final draft, so my revisions will probably just be tightening up some sloppy parts and doing my best rendition of a master. I do have to say that I think the track came out pretty well all around though. Of, I'll take any feedback, especially constructive criticism. Thanks guys! *edit*- Due to some unfortunate computer circumstances, I lost quite a bit of my multi-track, so I am kinda stuck with what I got. I did some heavy mastering (within my ability) and I think this track might
  22. I just randomly saw this thread and thought, "Why not?". If you want to identify the song, you should really use a midi program like Fruity Loops to attempt to arrange what you know. You only need 2 parts; the main melody and the underlying chord progressions. If you can't offer these 2 things, it's very unlikely that someone will recognize it from a whistling attempt that, as prior stated, was a little shoddy. Also, letting people know what genre they should be thinking about would help as well. Was it a slow legato violin lead? Or was it a searing guitar? Just some thoughts....
  23. Hey Jade,

    I thought I had responded to your inquiry about my mastered track... I guess I didn't. Just hit up my e-mail with any questions you have. Thanks Jade!

  24. So...it took me a while to realize that anyone even replied to the thread.... thanks E-mail notification lol. I have been working on a a much more finalized version of the track that's more than 3 and a half minutes long and includes a flamenco guitar solo, so look forward to it as soon as I work out my dodgy drum sampling. And Steve...nice critique as always. You have a good ear for this stuff and it's a total bummer that the Flying Dragon project kinda died...
  25. Hey guys it's been a while since I lurked around the site, but I'm going to try to spend a little more time here. This is a... actually I don't even know what genre it falls under rendition of Room 312. Basically I'm just looking for some feedback on the overall feel of the track and perhaps a little advice as to where the track should go. I want it to hit 3 min or so and I'm only half-way there, so any ideas would be cool. Thanks guys! Here's the original (there is no good quality one, I swear to god)
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