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  1. This sounds a LOT like it came from the Project Justice (Rival Schools 2) soundtrack. ...and I love the Project Justice OST.
  2. Not bad; it's got good production values. Everything sounds clear and crisp. But it sticks pretty closely to the original. As a straight up cover it's alright. Otherwise you'd need to change it up a bit if you'd like to submit it. Most of it is just the song played slowly on a piano. I like the build up, though. What you do at 1:52, for example, is some good divergence.
  3. I'd say it's the judges attempting to welcome a fledgling new musical genre. A hotly debated one, but also attempting to fill in with newer games.
  4. production wise there is nothing wrong with it. And that's the end of my criticism. Well, not really. I also feel it's a little drawn out and slowly evolves. Perhaps that's what you were going for, and that's fine. But at 6 minutes I feel like you can condense some of this. I don't like unnecessarily cutting something that might be good as is, but I also believe in terseness from the get-go. note-written when I was pretty damn sleepy and it was a quick 2 minute glance throughout. So I may be off mark.
  5. I mostly come in here to DL mixes I like that will never make it onto the mainsite some have, though. I think I've critiqued with my limited knowledge before
  7. MMX6 isn't terrible...it's just...unfinished. It was rushed for a Christmas release, I believe. But the OST was awesome, and the game can be appreciated for its difficulty.
  8. This was genius; the original song was a minute or so long, and this expanded upon it while retaining its originality. It did it through layering, if I can play music critic for a bit. Layering on top with deviations. Or something. This was honestly the track I was looking forward to the most. well done.
  9. This is semi-trolling. Or at least, trolling in a sense. A terrific way to counter would be to run a campaign against subscriptions and never reach the 7k benchmark
  10. There's always X2 Or ''Hugging zero passionately after the fight''
  11. Go to video ''wish they covered X2 a lot more'' YOU HAVE BEEN BLOCKED BY THE OWNER OF THIS VIDEO yo momma, then.
  12. Waiting here patiently Here's hoping I dont die before it comes out
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