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Soulless - (FF IX - Bran Bal - Soulless Village ReMix)

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Hi all,

I've actually had this a while but I think it almost sounds good enough to submit (which would be awesome, been my dream to be on here for 10 years now.)

My main issue is that I don't know where to go from here - If there are any tweaks or improvements please let me know; the result of your ears judgement is totally appreciated.


Much love,


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this is a great source to choose to remix - it's one of my favorites from this soundtrack. this is a pretty interesting remix in that i can definitely hear the use of source material, but it's got a different feel than the original (not in a bad way!). it sounds very good, though, and i think the kind of sad/spooky vibe of the original makes for a unique sounding song in the genre you've picked. the sound choices are coming together nicely, it's a well-balanced mix and it's got a really polished sound. nothing really stuck out to me as particularly problematic. i'd just keep writing and see what happens!

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I really enjoy the intro, and felt it was good at setting up a good atmosphere. I thought the strings were panned a bit too much to the left. The only other main thing is that I thought the main melody could be a bit more interesting in terms of tone, but it does fit the atmosphere well I think.

Mid way through the song, it'd be nice to see more of a swell from the strings as they hold those longer notes, which is how they would tend to play that section realistically - I think ti would also make that section a bit more expressive. The other thing that stuck out was the abrupt ending.

But overall I, really enjoyed the mix as a whole =)

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It really is quite beautiful, you've managed to make a scary, goose bump-inducing song into something I would chill out and bob my head to.

The only complaint I have is that for "trance" it doesn't have much a build up and release that I was expecting as I was listening. Maybe I listen to too much trance music, and perhaps I've come to expect that TOO much. There was definitely a build up, but I didn't feel like there was a release...I agree it does feel quite abrupt at the end.

You have solid production on this baby, I would value your opinion on my Downtempo Sperlunkin' DKC mix. I'm posting a new version.

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