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  1. Yea I'm pretty knowledgeable about buffer and using asio4all and stuff. It was showing no overruns, and I tried lots of buffer just to cover all my bases. I think the file itself was corrupt, every other project seems to run smooth. Also I think trying to connect an Alesis Micron as a midi controller that might have fudged with the settings of the project. Because it caused a freeze and crash of FL.
  2. I made a song last night, and it ony has about 3 instruments (VERY LIGHTWEIGHT) it played back flawlessly last night no problems. I load it up today and it's stopping, popping, stutters and the CPU status line is going red for no reason. I also notice that the CPU RAM used is only 126 MB now. WTF IS GOING ON?! My computer is still reading 2 GB onboard, and all application including FL studio is reading that much. But only FL studio is acting up! I'm at the end of my rope here someone help PLEASE! I did connect my micron today, to try and use it as a MIDI controller, but it didn't work so I unplugged it and carried on...but I don't think that could've cause this HUGE problem I'm having...ughhh
  3. Well it is Drum and Bass, but you're prolly right if it's ever going to make it on here. And yea youtube is still making the bass drum have some weird after sound that isn't in the original. I'll use soundcloud next iteration (if there is one). Doesn't seem to be too much positive interest in this source song anyways.
  4. This song doesn't get a lot of love. Make sure to watch in 480p because the audio quality is 192 kps. Feedback much appreciated as always. p.s. you tube did some weird thing with the audio (in the bass region) hopefully this is a processing thing and it will be fine by the time you guys play it.
  5. This one took about 2 hours to adapt my music to the trailer.The original was a masterpiece already. But I couldn't help myself, so I came up with this. Let me know what you think guys/gals Thanks!
  6. It's dance/clubish, supposed to be a happy level
  7. Who doesn't love Moonlight Sonata? This one took about 4-5 hours, but strangely enough I think it's my strongest. It's part strings, part electronic, some trip hop, it's probably shorter to write what it's not. I have like 3 VG remixes I'm sitting on, because ideas just keep popping up and I keep developing said ideas. Someday I'll free them.
  8. What about Braid, Limbo, Shadow of the colossus, Ico, World of Goo, flower, Journey, From Dust, Little Big Planet, etc? I don't think you are giving them enough credit Sir bLiNdness I think we all have a hard on for old school because so many memories are tied to those times and it was novel to us. But the same is going to be said about the new generation of kids that will get all nostalgic about (this hurts me to say it) Call of Duty and Gears of War being some of their first and fondest gaming memories... I think we were definitely blessed to grow up in the time that we did, we caught the golden age of gaming for sure (a title I doubt will ever be challenged in the future). Also, I want a Playstation Pita extra falafel! NOM NOM
  9. Hmmm interesting theory, it is true that raves didn't start until AFTER pac-man came out. confirmed! Also, I don't quite realize why this was moved from community to here...I guess It's because there was mention of a pokemon mix in progress...ah well I can never figure these forums out
  10. That's the funny part for me, the tracks that constantly make it to my ipod and stay there are the EDM songs. And I don't think this has to do with my musical taste: I have jazz, blues, rock, punk rock and ska all up in my library. I could never quite figure out why that is; maybe it's because bLiNd, disco dan, SGX, sephire, and Rellik (just to name a few) are just THAT good. Or maybe it's because the video game music we all grew up with already sounded electronic and EDM is just the logical way to go when reviving it.
  11. Oh no don't get me wrong I loveeee the triplet rhythmic (almost rapping) kind of lyrics, but sometimes the deep ominous movie trailer voice grates on me haha. And yea I' familiar with the WIP forums, I've posted two there already. I'm definitely also adding melodic elements and structure from Trance, because for me I feel hardstyle can be a bit predictable.
  12. I'm working on a pokemon Hardstyle song right now, and I can't even sit down to finish it cause everytime I start playing it back I'm dancing like a mad man all around my living room. I'm wondering if there is any interest in hardstyle/hardcore here (or if it's viable). I have been around a lonnnnnggg time, but I don't recall ever there being any hardstyle/hardcore submissions. If you don't know what hardstyle is these are two great examples: I've always hated the corny deep voice narration crap, also 5:58 has an amazing hook You either love or hate this one Great music to let yourself go to, if you get over the fact that it may seem like a raw style of music.
  13. I love the digi sound too, it actually reminds me a lot of a FF7 sound effect if you tweak the Cutoff and Res a bit. I'm definitely going for a proper mix, frankly I'm shocked there already wasn't one on here. I remember way back in 2000 (when I was playing the crap outta Worms 2) coming to this site just to see if anyone had mixed it yet. Worms = voices with hilarious (borderling offense) accents, that's what makes that game awesome. And yea the horns I got from doing Warrior Dash AKA HELL itself, i figure I'd surprise my youtube people cause i'm usually so serious all the time.
  14. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=794083#post794083 Saw this thread thought I'd post mine. It's a Live remix
  15. The video was originally for a request to show some of the Juno Gi's sounds, but decided to use the worm's theme as a foundation to feature the sounds instead. Then it turned into a remix of sorts when I decided to get frisky and add in the sound effects and Worms voices. i love this theme, and I'm definitely going to develop it. This is just something I put together in 2 hours a starting point of sorts. All but the drum loop I made and the voices are done Live....Later. REINFORCEMENTS HAVEEE ARRRIVEDDD!!
  16. man you really spammed the poo outta your own mix. How odd of those individuals to not post their thoughts in this thread, to each his own though... The mix definitely sounded like a lot of themes spliced together, but you do an alright job of mixing them all into coherence somehow (impressive with so many songs). It also sounds REALLY produced. For me that's a downer because I think a lot of mixes on here tend to sound way too similar, as if there were a mastering template FL studio and the rest of the DAWs use. But this is a personal taste I'm sure it will do fine with the judges. As for the track on a whole it didn't seem to have a climax, or a driving theme (or maybe it was my ignorance of the sources) that would make me want to listen to it more than once. But I think it has a really strong chance of making it through and finding an audience on here
  17. It really is quite beautiful, you've managed to make a scary, goose bump-inducing song into something I would chill out and bob my head to. The only complaint I have is that for "trance" it doesn't have much a build up and release that I was expecting as I was listening. Maybe I listen to too much trance music, and perhaps I've come to expect that TOO much. There was definitely a build up, but I didn't feel like there was a release...I agree it does feel quite abrupt at the end. You have solid production on this baby, I would value your opinion on my Downtempo Sperlunkin' DKC mix. I'm posting a new version.
  18. Spent a couple hours today revamping the mix, was feeling inspired took some of it in a new direction (with some VO) and tweaked the balancing and effects (added better reverb and some echo). The end bit i still really like, but I know i need to solidify it (it was freeform for sure). Recommend listening with good stereo system or HPs. downtempo-sperlunkin-ver2 Would appreciate feedback, what did you like what did you hate? Thanks guys
  19. really enjoyed the mix man. I'd but that on my iPod right now in my "chill" mix I have. Only thing I'd like to see is a darker piano when the theme kicks in and maybe a bit more drum action. All-around solid I thought
  20. I think you missed the boat x 3 buddy. nowhere in my quote did I say it was a soundcard...and I was talking to Yoozer about a completely different topic. I know the comp handles all synth creating, effects, and automations in Garageband (even when connected to the Juno). Get off your high horse dude.
  21. I didn't know it was called something called that, or that it was an actual feature in DAWs. But I would record MIDI data with all the automations and effects in garageband then I just use my Juno GI as the sound driver(via USB) and then real-time line-in record it back into garageband on a different track. So I have all the midi, effect, and automation data preserved on one track and a lightweight audio track separately. Same thing? I thought I was being clever, but I guess everything has been done before.
  22. So, it boils down to the speed of the processor and the amount of Memory on-board the computer for effects generation and synthesis. This is what I was figuring, but was hoping by some magic the mac would be able to talk with the Juno Gi and the effects and synthesis would be handeled by the Juno Gi using it's sound engine (since it's communicating MIDI both ways via USB). That would have been too good to be true I guess. So in essence you have to have a high speed, huge memory computer with a beastly sound card to get the most out of Logic, Cubase, etc? If that's true I'll stick with my hardware and line-in recording.
  23. Let me start by saying I'm pretty savvy with computers (it's a huge part of job after all), but when it comes to stressing the sound card to it's limits I have never had to worry about it. I realize that if I decide to get Logic or Cubase it's going to take a lot more than my computer can handle to synthisize all those sounds. I have a Roland Juno Gi, and am able to use it as the main audio driver through USB. It has a pretty robust sound engine (16 part multi timbral, splits, 128 poliphony, 256MB waveROM) and I've tried stressing it with some complex synth AU's in Garageband. So far it hasn't shown a dip in proformance. Questions: 1. Anyone have experience using a hardware synth like this as their soundcard (is that even right the way I worded that?) 2. Is it plausible to say "If I run X amount of synth heavy voices with lots of effects in Garageband X amount will also play fine in Logic or Cubase..."
  24. 1-2 hours? That's crazy! Just to rearrange VG songs for piano takes me a day alone. and that's just picking out the prominent melody and adding accompiniment. With a proper mix you have to create your own patches (or find a lead, pad, sample that suits each part), then you have to figure out each part, program the drums to your liking, add automations, etc... how the EFF!?
  25. It's strange to think that this track probably would be rejected nowadays, OCremix has evolved quite a bit It's really close to the original, but hey when the original is THIS good that's fine by me. Plus it's a historical song on OC being that it was the first Aquatic Ambiance remix before everyone did one *goes off to remix Aquatic Ambiance*
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