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(Fire Emblem) Untold Power~Blessing of the 8 Generals I Rmix


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Short for a finished product.

The glitching halfway through seems out of place to me. It's a neat effect, just not here.

This is very repetitive in a few other areas. I like what you have, but it needs more work to get it away from that MIDI sound.

It's not a bad mix, but with the crit above, it's sounding very much like a direct midi copy with a few instrument changes. It needs some work in the arrangement. It's a very short source, so there's lots of room for stuff. But the source alone doesn't give much in the way of direction.

The mix/master needs some work. reverb a few of the parts and it'll help. You can also remove some of those offending tones and things ---FROM SOUNDCLOUD--- And pardon the slight distortion on the track --- EQ can help that.

Not a bad start though.

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*takes note* Understood Hew, and the critique is greatly appreciated.

Indeed, as you said this was just a slightly modified sample with some additional instruments/melody placed on top - so suffice to say, I understand how it can become repetitive (nostalgia distorts my musical reasoning at times)among other things. I must say though, that it was never my intention to really alter the melody/create an elaborate composition though - it was to more or less add my little touch to a short but sweet sample. I've changed the status of this as well - as I just may come back to this mix someday.

That said, I'll continue to work on my technique so that even simple mixes like this, will be more appealing/ varied and fun to listen to. Thanks again.

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