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  1. Here's the first mix of the year - and here's to a safe and productive year for all.
  2. Remix of Samurai Summer for the upcoming NO more Heroes 3 (I wish lol) - hope you enjoy it though!
  3. First share of 2021 here - Hope y'like m'friends and all the best this year for everyone.
  4. Figured I'd also start posting artwork again.
  5. Looks like I hit the post limit in my other topic - but I'll continue here. This time we've got a Zelda's Lullaby remix.
  6. Got a street Fighter concept mix for ya this time; A remix of the powering up theme that plays during the intro of SSF2. Hope y'like!
  7. Some FF7 Today - attempted some Lo-Fi again, but I hope it's enjoyable.
  8. Got some Spelunky Action going on today m'friends. Hope y'like.
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