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  1. Back at it again - 1st mix of the year.
  2. Sheela (Shiira) from Shining Force II. Hope y'like.
  3. Some "what if" Splatoon + 1080° action for ya.
  4. It's been a while eh? Catherine remix that I hope you enjoy.
  5. All the best with the submission - But from what I'm hearing, so far so good. Great job.
  6. Very nice; especially like the arrangement you've went for - However, the mixing could use some work (perhaps some compression on some of the leads or something) as at many parts, everything simply sounds too loud, as though EVERY instrument is fighting to be out in front/be the lead.
  7. Very nice work here - I look forward to hearing the final product; I would only say to not get over caught up in the technical aspects of what you're doing here, and to just have fun.
  8. I'm no technical expert - but I this was a pretty darned enjoyable mix m'friend. Keep up the great work.
  9. Remix fo the upcoming Street Fighter 6 - hope y'like.
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