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  1. Figured I'd also start posting artwork again.
  2. Looks like I hit the post limit in my other topic - but I'll continue here. This time we've got a Zelda's Lullaby remix.
  3. Got a street Fighter concept mix for ya this time; A remix of the powering up theme that plays during the intro of SSF2. Hope y'like!
  4. Some FF7 Today - attempted some Lo-Fi again, but I hope it's enjoyable.
  5. Got some Spelunky Action going on today m'friends. Hope y'like.
  6. Got some Killer Instinct for all today - And One of the original composers gave it a listen and enjoyed it. Love down to earth composers.
  7. Nothing like a little Battle Network eh? Hope y'like.
  8. Something different from the usual, A mortal Kombat remix. Hope y'like!
  9. Resident of the Bahamas here - Damage to human life (virus wise) is minimal, but being heavily reliant on tourism, this bad boy has changed the face of our economy for the forseeable future. I'm still up the same old same old however - still working full hours, and still making remixes; but spending less money due to the lockdowns put in place after 9pm and on weekends (24 hour lock down). However, things are slowly opening up and for what it's worth everyone is taking things in stride.
  10. Native, I appreciate that much more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you so much m'friend.
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