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Reminder of Mortality-Xenogears Rmix


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Big fan of Xenogears and this track. Not as much as The One Who Is Torn Apart, but One Who Bares Fangs at God was in the top 5.

This mix sounds slower than the original, and much more industrial somehow. The samples used especially in the beginning give this remix remind me of a big dirty gear climbing up out of a junkyard at midnight or a bunch of broken machines making music in perfect accidental unison.

I like how you build onto the main rhythm at 00:36 by keeping the main line at the forefront without overpowering any of your earlier work, which i think makes this mix work.

By far my favorite part of this track is from 1:17 on to about 1:58. It just totally turns the mix on it's head and effectively makes this mix even creepier. Like something waltzing backwards madly. Little things like the piano line in the back that's just barely audible are the icing on the cake for me when they are done well and this one is. Does it pick up a little tempo here? It sounds like it does to me!

The end brings us back around to the industrial samples we started with and that's just fine, but i would have liked to hear some-kind of merging or cross contamination of 1:17 on-top of this instead of the sudden 'death' of all the machines and the echo out.

Still, it's a remix I'd recommend for anyone. Not just xenogears fans. Good job!

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Great source choice. IMO, this is one of the toughest pieces to remix because of Mitsuda's very unusual rhythmic and melodic approach.

Needs more chorus voices or something similar, as that is a large part of the original source, and I don't think you have improvised enough on what you did add, since it does sound like you sampled the basic riff from the source itself.

It's good background music now, but the original was EPIC. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this mix so far, but it needs more oomph.

Keep it up!

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