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Meetup: Six Flags America With A Vengeance


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So last year, I got a whole bunch of folks together to hit up Six Flags in Bowie, MD. We had a rollickin good time, and I see no reason not to do it again this year.

The schedule this year has the park open every day up until Sun. August 21, at which point it's open only on weekends through the end of October. We didn't seem to have too much of an issue with crowds going on a Sunday last year, so if you guys don't care about going during a relatively crowded weekend, there's no reason we have to go RIGHT after Otakon when most of us may be short on cash.

Once again, if we get at least 15 people, tickets at SFA would only be $25 a person.

I am up for alternate amusement park locations, but SFA worked so well last time for two reasons. #1: like MAG, it's mostly equidistant for all the east coast folks, which wouldn't be the case for the poor MD folks if we decided to go to Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens this year. #2: it's 20 minutes from my house, lol. But if you guys really wanna try a different locale this year, speak up.

So. Who's coming this time? (djp, there is no honeymoon this time to stop you. we BETTER see you there.)

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Now that Otakon and PAX are over and done with, I'm curious to see if people are still interested in this. Six Flags is only open on weekends from this point on, but it's still open through the end of October, so it's definitely not too late to set this up.

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