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  1. EDIT: Rooming situation resolved. Splitting the hotel room in Alexandria with a friend. Anyone still need a room for MAG? Or have space in a room? I currently have a room in the Holiday Inn Alexandria, two queen beds, and a quick 10 minute drive from the Gaylord. Planning to Uber back and forth rather than deal with the headache of MAG parking.
  2. Definitely going. Still figuring out the room situation though -- by the time I got home from work, the hotel rooms were gone. So you can put me down as "looking for room".
  3. Yo Kaiser, might want to modify the Thai Pavilion review. Thai joint is actually excellent for vegetarians (and especially vegans). They have a whole page of veg selections, and those entrees are only about $16
  4. I'd be up for it. You try messaging folks you know personally?
  5. Definitely, Taucer. I'd be sad if you didn't start out with some aliens in your crew. Let's hope the ark-ship wasn't entirey an N7 human military endeavor. But the entire idea of an ark is to preserve species and biodiversity, so I think it's more than likely we'll see some Milky Way aliens.
  6. Agreed. Of course, I had great love for the Blade Runner-esque electronic music of the first game. Hope more of that comes back! On the other hand, if we get a Firefly-like musical soundscape, I doubt I'd be dissapointed either. The "ark-ship" theory sounds most plausible. And it'll be great to explore a galaxy that it appears humanity hasn't even stepped foot in before -- not just being new to the galactic community a la Mass Effect 1.
  7. Just ordered a computer piecemeal this Sunday. Feels nice to make yourself a strong yet quiet gaming desktop for $1.2k. (Of course, that's not including a monitor... but I'm still waiting for the G-sync / Freesync / 4k issues to work themselves out before I grab a new display.)
  8. I find this journey of a soundscape incredibly relaxing, with the drums grounding everything rhythmically. Have used it time & time again in sleep playlists. Some might say that means it's boring, but it takes incredible skill to craft a deep calming atmosphere like Pure Land (Total Darkness). This is my absolute favorite from CotMM.
  9. Would Like Larry's status if I could. Many of us have been hoping for something similar.
  10. Very good point. I agree, "equality" is such a difficult term to precisely define (obviously the mathematical definition doesn't apply), I can easily see it leading to the dual-sided "we're the victims of inequality" mindsets you're talking about. That why I like the term "equity". It acknowledges that strict mathematical equality is impossible, and "equity" brings with it the idea of fairness, which seems a lot more negotiable than inherent, righteous, god-given, fight-to-my-death equality. To tangent a bit: What worries me most is how willing social groups are to antagonize one another,
  11. Finally! I've been listening to this for so long (grabbed it months ago from the VGMix4 beta). The ebb and flow of this piece is incredible, just listen to all the interweaving details phase in & out. Catchy glitches, beats, and melody all around. This is some of the best prog trance on the site!
  12. That does seem highly ironic. I must wonder, was there never a time when those fighting for fair treatment saw their opponents as simply misguided, incorrect about that particular issue, or just paying too little attention? Or does the passion that propels the most fervent reformers also inevitably dehumanize their opponents? Maybe it's naivete speaking, but I can't outright exclude the possibility of sympathetic social justice revolutionaries. Ghandi and Dr. King come to mind, though I'll admit I have no idea how they privately viewed the people who fought their efforts. Do you think tha
  13. Thanks for the link! Glad that at least one outlet is covering this in a reasonably analytical fashion. One of the most insightful moments was realizing that we weren't so polarized in the past. I wonder how those upward swing in polarizing attitudes correlate with the rise of personalized internet news, or with the proliferation of negative attack ads (after studies revealed their edge in effectiveness). And I couldn't agree more with your bold final point. Gender equity is a noble cause in my book. But I find myself needing to step ever so carefully when discussing a viewpoint that dev
  14. This mix is incredible. I keep coming back to it again and again. If someone wants to know what OCR does, just point them right here!
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