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Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time

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Remaking this classic Chrono Trigger piece. First link is original version, second is mine!!


All I got here is about 50 seconds of material, and this is around 80% fully arranged. The piece will be expanded more and the original tune will shine through in many ways :)

thanks for checkin it out

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This is some schweet schweet music.

The Good:

It almost sounds like the beginning of an epic cinematic score. You've really done well in transforming the original source into something both interesting and brilliantly creative. Bravo.

The diversity of instruments and the authenticity of the sounds are quite good. I particularly enjoy the flute. The steel drum is icing!

This has major potential.

The Bad:

It's only like 50 seconds long! I am dying to hear more!

Other Thoughts:

This is already screaming "success". The sound you have in phenomenal. I can't wait to hear the finished product. If OCR would post 50 second remixes, I think this would pass.

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