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What's a good place to find Genesis DAC samples?

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Shiru released not too long ago an update to TFM Music Maker, VGM Music Maker, which now has support for DAC sampling as well as 4 PSG channels. In other words, really awesome stuff and a huge improvement over TFM.

Now, I tried using an FM soundfont I have (called Regression FM, used notably by

) to record my own samples in FL studio, but they came out as stereo, and the thing only accepts mono. I didn't see any options to change it, either.

So, if it's perfectly legal, does anyone know where to get a good cache of DAC samples?

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Why not batch convert to mono with Audacity or something?

I tried to do so with audacity but I wasn't able to do it, or I couldn't find the option to do so.

I tried clicking the little tab next to the track, but the option MONO was whited out.

So if there is a step I'm missing, I'd be happy to hear it. :<

I'll look into goldwave, as well.

I wonder if the sega genesis samples of old were just taken from any ol' where.

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