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Emotional Ambient: "Shelter"


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You better listen to this via headphones - otherwise you probably won't imagine that noise is actually supposed to be wind icon_wink.gif

--> Shelter@Soundcloud

It's a very ambient track with a very soft piano and some synths (and at the very end a simple acoustic guitar) - So it's quite obvious this track is all about atmosphere. Can you sense any atmosphere? Or are there parts there that totally destroy atmosphere or seem extraordinarily weird? Please feel free to write your very own feelings about this icon_smile.gif

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The piano is Tonehammer's "Emotional Piano" (which is on 50% sale until August!) and the strings are a soundfont I found and liked called "kbh-strings.sf2" (it was part of >this< epic collection ;) )

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for your comment :)

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