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  1. Mine has been ready for weeks and... finally! It is up! I'm sure the stretch goal will be reached and possibly even faster than in the first run
  2. I also have quite a few ideas written down, that I... want to create once I <have better samples / have a better PC / know more about mixing&mastering / maybe have a bigger audience>... I wouldn't say it's like that with me as I do have basic melodies or other elements in my head, but the more interesting and more engaging parts of the things I do are usually the ones where I just play around with a sound and then maybe find a nice meoldy or chord progression - the downside is, quite a few of these parts sound like the simple playing around that they really are... On topic, when
  3. Thanks for your comment and... ... you are probably right about that, I'll really try to keep that in mind next time, thank you for the hint
  4. Can't get enough 'Listen to the Cries of the Planet' - and I will have to agree: the glass sample is just brilliant
  5. Not a single reply yet, neither here nor on SC? Please, say something
  6. Carvahall ~Tales&Trials~ @ Soundcloud A huge orchestral piece - actually the first orchestral track that brought my little laptop to it's limit even though it only uses Sonatina Symphony Orchestra, some other free soundfonts and for the percussion 5$-Garritan-Pocket-Orchestra - so mostly as always, hehe The biggest difference is that I tried using seperate instruments for the strings section instead of one big patch this time - but I guess the result makes clear, that I still have a long way to go with orchestrating The melody at 3:02 (so the third part of this piece) had been spookin
  7. PVGM - 90 - "Boss Battle 4" This time there was no "official" description, but the track was suppposed to be "tense, distressing, and *violent* [...] This track should frighten small children." The guitar parts at 0:24 and 1:24 were written and performed/recorded by Anthony Morgan.
  8. SJMmusic - Raining Axons @ Soundcloud Inspired by this awesome article (you should really take a look at it, even if you don't speak German, the pictures are amazing IMO) I wrote this piece. I know it's another EmotionalPiano(Soundiron) + Reverb(with that wonderful Effect IR that comes with EP) plus somthing else -track, but... I love these kind of tracks and I hope you can find some enjoyment in them, too
  9. I have a Razer Naga ( http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.169418900/categoryId.54536600 ) and while it may be overpriced I don't know any other mouse that has 17 buttons After a day or two, you have most of the buttons assigned to functions in your browser, OS or of course in your DAW and don't want to miss them anymore.
  10. I love Song of Storms, so I was really excited after hearing that melody at the beginning - would the remix disappoint me or deliver what it promised? And shortly said: Awesome track, instant favorite
  11. That track felt really good until the "singing" started - then it became really awesome Instant favorite
  12. My second track for Project VGM: 53 The Artificial Forest A forest of artificial trees and plants. The leaves of the trees are blue, the trunks silver and steel, and all plants are covered in veins of pulsating light. These veins run all throughout the forest. The creatures within are mainly robotic versions of animals you expect to see in a forest. I started with that basic drone/pad and the drums and enjoyed using nice metallic samples (and the self-recorded ear-wrenching sound of a pump of a boat I was on a few weeks ago) and some other stuff - but listen for yourself The
  13. After my thread for a WIP of this didn't get any responses, I hope nobody minds if I try once more, but this time with the finished version of the track http://soundcloud.com/sjmmusic/project-vgm-91-crumbling It's a track composed for a fake game soundtrack, and the description I was given is: 91 Crumbling Ruined City of Mur It always seems to raining in this dark, dreary ruin. There are no great structures left in the city to hint at its former greatness. Everything is but a skeletal version of its former self. A hint of evil lingers in the air. Aside from mosses and mushrooms, pla
  14. I've been growing up in a quite musical family and so I was fascinated by music very soon - I had my first piano lessons at the age of 4 (so about 13 years ago) and until today I love the piano my parents bought for me back then . Apparently I liked to "compose" back then, too, because I have lot of sheets of paper with hardly recognisable notes on them Well, after maybe 10 years I stopped having regular lessons, although I did have them for a few months a few times One day I found a book in a library entitled "Cubasis für Kids" - it had Cubasis 2.0 Go! on it and I used it to make 30 secon
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