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Hey all, long time since I last posted here. To save time, I've started learning piano like I've always wanted to, and I'm looking for some relatively easy video game-related sheet music to help me along. I've already got some 200 files, all PDF and MIDI files of video game songs, but the problem is that they're about a level ahead of where I am currently (we're talking "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", here).

I don't mind the idea of playing the Super Mario Bros theme without all the chords, but the problem is that every piece of music likes to add every instrument they can - which is fine and exactly what they should do, assuming the reader can play it, but not very helpful to a newbie. I searched the forums and found this old thread, and via it, http://gamemusicthemes.com/sheetmusic.html , but only a scant few of the songs there are at or near my level.

tl;dr I was wondering if anyone knew of some really, REALLY simplified VG music themes. Halp?

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All (or at least most I think) arranged for piano.

I've followed this site for a few years now, and they have sheet music of all difficulty, unfortunately it is not sorted by difficulty (although the very hard ones have the tag 'virtuoso' on them)

It is good for finding a specific sheet by game though if you are very inspired to play a specific song.

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Ninsheetmusic probably has the best selection, but it's pretty hard to find easy sheets.

I'd suggest the Astral Observatory from Majora's Mask, Dire Dire Docks from Mario 64 or the sad theme from Oracle of Ages/Seasons, but even those would still be pretty tough for a beginner

I think your best bet would be to start on the smaller tunes, like the get a weapon tune from Mega Man 3 (not as hard as it looks) or maybe the file select music from Mario 64.

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