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  1. In Mozzaratti's defense, his tracks stand out to me as some of the best on an already excellent album.
  2. Thanks for the help, guys! I really do appreciate it, having something other than the same six songs I've been practicing over and over will be a nice change of pace.
  3. Hey all, long time since I last posted here. To save time, I've started learning piano like I've always wanted to, and I'm looking for some relatively easy video game-related sheet music to help me along. I've already got some 200 files, all PDF and MIDI files of video game songs, but the problem is that they're about a level ahead of where I am currently (we're talking "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", here). I don't mind the idea of playing the Super Mario Bros theme without all the chords, but the problem is that every piece of music likes to add every instrument they can - which is fine and exactly what they should do, assuming the reader can play it, but not very helpful to a newbie. I searched the forums and found this old thread, and via it, http://gamemusicthemes.com/sheetmusic.html , but only a scant few of the songs there are at or near my level. tl;dr I was wondering if anyone knew of some really, REALLY simplified VG music themes. Halp?
  4. I have kLuTz's 600 AD in piano saved. I have the pages - 1 through 6 - on my Dropbox public folder. If someone would mind hosting these somewhere permanent, I'm sure future piano-learners would appreciate it: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD1.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD2.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD3.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD4.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD5.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD6.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3373393/600AD/600AD7.jpg
  5. I'm not talking about introductions or trailers, I'm talking about completing Tales of Symphonia (twice!) and playing about 20 hours into its sequel. I'm talking about full experiences, playing through the whole game. I am NOT trying to say everyone else should be as bothered by this like it bothers me, I just find it the most grating thing about the series... I like Tales of games, I really do, but the anime cliche dialogue is seriously one of the few things holding back the series in my opinion. The battles are great, the plots are... good enough for a JRPG (plot is an excuse to go dungeon-diving and kill stuff), but man, the characters and their dialogue just pain me. I know it's an opinion, and I don't expect everyone to share it, and I respect that most people here enjoy the dialogue. But here, let me ask this: if they kept the anime style and almost all of the dialogue but cut out all the "Oh, it's nothing"s and "..." parts, would you be okay with that?
  6. Because it's overplayed as hell. And yes, I know it's chock full of anime cliches because a) it's a Tales game and you can watch the damn trailer and figure it out in a heartbeat. Yes, this IS a bad thing, because the gameplay is fun but ruined by "oh, it's nothing" and "..." and all that crap that keeps me from replaying Tales of Symphonia or finishing its sequel. If there were more "American action movie" trope abusers out there, it would be a bad thing too. But seriously, playing Tales of games (honorable mention: Eternal Sonata) is just painful for me. I mean, obviously, if you enjoy it, that's great, but it seriously ruins the game for me. Tropes aren't bad, but when that's all you have to your credit, it gets old. I don't want them to fail because I hate the game, I want them to fail so they're forced to change and try something new. I loved the original SNES Tales of Phantasia because it was really limited in that area, but every game since then has been disappointing in the dialogue department.
  7. It's not only that (though that's a very astute observation), in this particular case the Wii version was so buggy that they eventually issued a recall on it. There is a REASON Tales Studios has been outright hemophiliac with their money. ... Honestly, I'm kind of okay with that. I want them to keep failing, until they get off their asses and make a Tales game that isn't so stuffed with anime cliches that it shits "it's nothing"s and ellipses.
  8. Brinstar Red: The rattle is a little too loud, and when your chorus comes in it sounds like there's an extra high piano note or two that shouldn't be there. REALLY liking the "Jurassic" or "Prehistoric" feel of it, and like Rozovian said, there's some mixing issues. The percussion's higher pitch means it shouldn't - at least in my uneducated opinion - be as loud, because the higher sound will travel fine without the extra volume. ... Actually, the drums are fine, it's that damn rattle drowning everything else out. If I had to nitpick (note: uneducated non-remixer nitpicking, good sign this should be taken with a grain of salt), I'd say the voices in the background sound too synth-like (I realize that's what it actually is) and don't match the feel of the rest of the song. I'd suggest getting a recording of yourself doing the "aah" sound, then pitch-change and layer it to make something that sounds similar but more natural. ---------------------- Tourian: I like the driving background melody, it's a good strong start to the song, and it kind of reminds me of the "Time Bomb Set, Get Out Fast" music, but it seems to take a really long time for the sound effects in the foreground to catch up - they're too ambient and slow, and even when they do get a little more pervasive about halfway through the song, there's still no real drive to the song. You periodically play the melody from Tourian, but the song feels as though it has no purpose. It's ambient, in a kind of imminently creepy way, and that may be what you're going for, but even then it feels just a little too disconnected. Maybe a really soft, low bass track playing the basic chords for the melody over the whole thing? ---------------------- Riddle Ease: Background percussion/synth is too loud, it drowns out the foreground craziness, which is what takes the song from "kind of cool" to "holy crap" energy levels. Your high hats in particular seem to snap a little too loudly. I like the structure of it, and honestly I think you could keep that "alarm" sound effect you had going the whole time, at a lower volume level. Other than that, it sounds like it could actually be in a Metroid game.
  9. I can't find the link to download the file, there are ADS EVERYWHERE. Try uploading to Tindeck?
  10. Haha, that's pretty much the same reason I DON'T like Post Collegiate Shuffle, I was only a year from finishing school (now graduated and happily employed), and knew lots of people who were quite pleased already after graduation. So it was pretty much my antithesis; when I'd listen to Bremelanotide, I'd skip over it and pretty much just listen to My Gay Shirt, Bank Holiday, the Balloon Fight remix, and the Code Monkey cover. I am noticing a significant lack of wrestling references in this new album. This bothers me.
  11. I really want to like this one, but... it's just so much meaner than the original. Like, I realize there was stuff on album one that I didn't like, like Post Collegiate Shuffle and the like, but on this ones I can only think of "Breaking up with Bret" and "No Homo" that I really enjoyed... the rest are kind of "eh".
  12. I saw this title and thought, "oh man, I WOULD have liked a 4th Black Mages album, if III didn't suck so hard." Turns out I'm not the only one that thought they went to shit...
  13. I assume you've been in good health over the last two years or so?
  14. "I own and love Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy III (DS), Fable II, and probably a few others I'm forgetting, but they should give you an idea. I tried Fallout 3 and Chrono Trigger and they didn't hold my attention very well." Mmmmkay... no to Chrono Trigger but yes to FF3? Shaaaame. If that's the case, Etrian Odyssey III is out on the DS, and it's light on story and heavy on job-based gameplay (reviewers compared it to FFs 3 and 5, compared to the previous Etrians, because of subclassing that appears later). Dragon Quest IX, another job-system styled classic JRPG? I recommend Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, which is a turn-based JRPG with a revamped "crown" system, a simplistic, old-school story, and a decent difficulty curve. I've probably died ten or fifteen times in it already, whereas I died all of once or twice in DQ9.
  15. Personally, I LIKE health not working. Allows me to jump down large heights with no worry, which is useful when spelunking.
  16. Learn to read the first post. You're hardly well-known yourself. EDIT Did we REALLY just have this discussion without a single, "whose mutericator, sum noob" statement? I don't know if I'm sad or proud.
  17. DON'T use minecarts yet, they won't work. Wait for the announcement that they're fixed first.
  18. Project Proposal: Map out the Underdark (will need to be done in order to get lava, redstone, and diamond). Totally will be hopping on the server later tonight once I get home from work. Username is Mutericator, and major thanks to Fireslash for hosting!
  19. I would be exploring the caves, personally. Just running down with several pickaxes and a shitton of torches, lighting the way and exploring like crazy.
  20. Etrian Odyssey 3 just came out last week - I recommend it, it's really fucking hard, though. Also forget Fire Emblem anything if you don't like permadeath and getting RNG-screwed. Seriously, play Advance Wars instead - you get to start each map with the same setup as everyone else, with no regard to how you've been playing thus far. It's all strategy, no stats. (Okay, I admit. I'm kind of bitter because the first Fire Emblem I played, I got my valkyrie or whatever pegasus lady killed the same map I got her on, and then desperately needed her later and eventually just quit. Advance Wars doesn't have that nonsense.)
  21. JCV: I recommend it. I am sort-of creative, but I mostly use the game for spelunking and exploring, not building. There are networks and networks of caves, fondly referred to as the Underdark, which are actually really fun to explore (and dangerous if you're not on peaceful).
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