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More of Me - EP is out!


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My new chiptune album/EP is out! soudou of skrow!media had this to say about the album:

Holy chips, Batman! Today greets the arrival of the second offering from Elizabethtown, KY native Nick Hagman aka Nario. The followup to 2009’s Most of Me, the astutely titled More of Me is all chip all awesome all the time. The seven sizzlin’ songs here boast varied influences from rock, electro pop, dance, industrial and more, all neatly bundled into a retro 8-bit package of blip love and hot groove.

You can download it at skrow!media or Bandcamp, or you can also pre-order the CD with two bonus tracks!

Also, my Bandcamp doesn't have the track commentary on it, so here's a copy of it for those jumping to there: Track Commentary

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This album has only gotten 25% of the downloads that 'Most of Me' has. I encourage everyone to check this out if you liked my previous album! This one is entirely chiptune (five 5-channel songs, and two 10-channel songs [i am totally aware this is cheating], with two additional 5-channel songs if you buy the CD), and I honestly think it's loads better than 'Most of Me'!

I've been meaning to do this since last August, but I've finally updated my sig to reflect both my latest album, as well as promoting my bandcamp.

Just give this a listen! It's only 30 minutes, and I put even more heart into it than Most of Me. :)

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