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"Blue Beyond" F-Zero's Big Blue


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Most of the sounds aren't great, and the whole thing seems to have been done by snes samples with some effects. The mixing and sound design needs a lot of work. Whether you're going for a "real" sound with synth elements or a chippy overall sound, the mixing needs to be better. Compare to well mixed tracks (of either sound) and you should be able to tell. The originals aren't

The arrangement is a bit overly conservative at 1:11-1:26 and 1:45-2:08. You seem to follow the progression of the original a little too much, taking the most liberties with the source's A-part and not that much with the others. What you do is pretty cool, especially the first minute.

But the sound is the bigger problem here. Compare to well mixed tracks, figure out what's different and try to sound alike. Hihat levels, bass depth, background instrument levels, that stuff. :)

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