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OCR01382 - *YES* The Human Race 'Bando alle Seghe'


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Contact Info

ReMixer name: DHS

Real name: Carlo Demichelis

Website: http://www.soundwavers.com

ReMix Info

Name of game(s) ReMixed: The Human Race

Name of individual song(s) ReMixed: Subtune 4

Additional information about game if it has not yet been added to the site, including composer, system, etc.: Company - Mastertronic, Year - 1986, Composer - Rob Hubbard

Link to the original soundtrack if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site: http://exotica.fix.no/tunes/archive/C64Music/Hubbard_Rob/Human_Race.sid

Comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.: After being taking dust in my HD for at least six months, I released that remix of subtune 4 of Rob Hubbard's The Human Race. The track is reminiscent of Jarre, Vangelis, Deep Forest and.... Enigma :)

The vocals samples are little pieces taken here and there from various sources, mainly sample cds. The Enigma drumloop has been taken from the record ("Sadeness Part 1"). The Djembe drums are from some sample cd. The other sounds are mainly from my Access Virus KC. Everything has been worked on Nuendo 2 on an Athlon 2500xp pc. Utilized plugins for the track and mastering are from my TCElectronic Powercore. Mixing has been done on a Yamaha 01x digital mixer.

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TO helped me obtain a copy of the Enigma track that Carlo got the drumloops from. Lee and I talked a bit about the significance of the drumloops as it related to the mix; please check out this additional track to draw your own conclusion.

* Liontamer is listening to Enigma - Sadeness, Pt. 1 (04:16)

<The_Orichalcon> sweet

<Liontamer> Dizzamn; drumloop is definitely taken verbatim, but it does sound beefed up in the remix compared to this

<The_Orichalcon> mm, it's just a drumloop anyway. Enigma weren't the first to use it

<Liontamer> that's very true

<Liontamer> great point

<Liontamer> I'm considering asking DHS to submit the remix in question

<The_Orichalcon> to OCR?

<Liontamer> so I was just seeing how the two tracks compared

<Liontamer> yeah

<The_Orichalcon> oh doing a little research

<Liontamer> exactly

<The_Orichalcon> verdict?

<Liontamer> iffy; I'd pass it, but the question is if anyone would have a problem

<The_Orichalcon> I doubt it

<The_Orichalcon> except maybe prot, the whole drumloop thing ;)

<Liontamer> like you said, it's not like Enigma created the loop, though he did take it from their track specifically; seems to be a good deal of arrangement though

<The_Orichalcon> there are pieces on OCR that have drums and sounds ripped from other songs anyway

<The_Orichalcon> people rarely notice or care when they do notice

<Liontamer> yeah, it's definitely not an instant disqualification or anything

<Liontamer> just can't have a majority of elements lifted from other sources

<Liontamer> but this doesn't seem to be the case

<The_Orichalcon> yeah, in this case it just seems like the drumloops

<The_Orichalcon> the key, instruments, melody, all different

<Liontamer> vox comes from some purchased sample packs, and all the other sounds are DHS's

<The_Orichalcon> the vox sounded very enigma too, he did a good job with that ;)

<Liontamer> might have snagged a piece from some Enigma track on that too; he said most of the vox is sample pack material

<Liontamer> just scrutanizing everything closely so no problems creep up

<The_Orichalcon> even if the vox were ripped from a song, he's spliced them up and re-arranged them in a unique way

<The_Orichalcon> my advice would be to let it slide, but let it be known where the drums come from so it's all out in the open

<Liontamer> Yeah, I plan on being upfront on how everything was done

<The_Orichalcon> all righty

<The_Orichalcon> I need sleep

<The_Orichalcon> download that CD if you have time

<Liontamer> cool; thanks again for your help man

<Liontamer> and your perspective on the track's creation

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http://exotica.fix.no/tunes/archive/C64Music/Hubbard_Rob/Human_Race.sid - Subtune 4/5

You've gotta listen to 3 minutes' worth of the source to hear all of the sections used in this one. Played it back on VGF42 and knew it was solid. I talked to Slaygon, creator of SLAY Radio, about this track and he said the title loosely translates to "Everybody Stop Wanking". Awesome.

This one was a fairly conservative but expansive take on the original material (which was pretty sparse). The drumloop derived from Enigma's "Sadness, Pt. 1" (but not created by Enigma) was recreated by Carlo and beefed up compared to Enigma's own.

Good opening up to :09 very loosely derived from the opening 8 seconds of the source tune. Some chanting-like vox rhythms, a phasing synth and ethnic percussion joined in soon after that to fill out the track further.

The Enigma drumloop, the bassline, and the source tune on light string pads joined in at :47. Good power in the sounds. The source tune melody entered at 1:26 along with some light acoustic guitar in the background that I wish was more prominent. The atmosphere could be cleaner and more seperated for my tastes, and the lead felt like it had too much reverb, but, overall, the soundfield was full and the energy level was good.

Pretty straightfoward coverage going up until 3:00, followed by a move to a new section of the source at 3:12. 3:12 tackled another section of the original with a wind instrument solo, with the bassline joining in at 3:31. I liked the shimmering SFX thrown in there at 3:02 as well. The drum sample at 3:50 cut off too abruptly moving back into the source melody though.

Nice rearranged ending section at 4:48 wrapping things up with the bassline, string pad, and phasing synth. Pretty nice overall. I love well done Commodore arrangements that add lots of body to the original SIDtune. When a genre adaptation is well done, it can upgrade a sprase but compositionally strong track by giving it more musical "identity". In other words (i.e. me making up terms), the original track sounds plain and genre-neutral while this arrangement was a great Eurobeat track. djp could articulate my point much better than I could.

Definitely glad Carlo submitted this one to further represent the Commodore/European scene, and I thank him again for helping me contact N-Joy to submit his Stormlord mix "Seneca's Marble Pack Edit" to OC as well. I'll continue doing what I can to encourage more Commodore scene submissions from the Remix64 community as there are a lot of stellar arrangers there who have yet to be heard as far as OC goes.


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i'm glad about two things: the trouble i went through to be able to play SIDs and how well DHS busts eurobeat.

i thoroughly enjoyed this track. while it takes a while to get into new source material, it varies enough before that to keep my interest. the beat may be inspired by enigma but mentioning it probably wasn't necessary as the loop is a rather standard one.

the instrumentation is spot on. i personally think there is a perfect amount of reverb on this track. doesn't soak it but its wet enough to slip through your fingers still in that ethereal sense you like some music to from time to time.

very beautiful sound.

gorgeous interpretation. this is an instant favorite. next time i need to relax, i'm putting this one on.

reverberating YES

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This has a great clean sound throughout. The vocal samples are wonderfully used and the instrumentation is very engaging. It's euro stylin' all the way and some of the arrangement feels like something a favorite conductor/composer of mine Paul Schwartz would create.

The composition is standard yet interesting, the arrangement is creative and the sounds are enveloping. Great work Carlo.


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