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Fighting The Digital God (Digimon World 1,2 + Xenogears)

Ivan Hakštok

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- Digimon World 1 - Machinedramon Battle


- Digimon World 2 - Normal Battle Theme


- Xenogears - Awakening


Hardest part was probably mixing the drums, and there could be some more work done there. I like the sound I got with the gated distorted synth, serves as some kind of driving force.

Upbeat tune, fit for a final boss, hope you enjoy it :mrgreen:

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It will take me a little bit to really comment on the source usage but I'll give production and arrangement crits now.

First, some really competent drum processing on your part. Be proud of that! However, it is slightly tarnished by the kit being a bit burried and muddy in the mix. If you can separate each part of the kit (Kick, Snare, Toms, Cymbals) and EQ tweak them to sit better in the mix, that would help a lot. EQing drums is a tricky thing to nail but resources online and trial-and-error will really help this.

Now for the big issue: the guitars. The sequencing is decent, but its too rigid. Adding a slight quantization "random" factor offsetting some notes by a microscopic amount can help it feel more natural. The tone and processing however need a lot of work. It sounds like theres a flange on the whole thing, either that or two distortion boxes in a relay and its making the entire tone suffer. Also the EQ on it is very narrow and too high-end focused. Lastly, double tracking guitars with hardpanning would clear up the center of the mix and widen the sound. I would recommend using different samples or recruiting a real guitarist from the forums. If you end up sticking with samples, you can dual track by duplicating the guitar track and doing a different quantization random offset for each.

The overall mastering is okay too, but see if it can be improved once the guitar and drum issues are fixed. With some elbow grease this has the potential of being postable! I will post additional crits as I have them.

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