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How'd it all start for you?


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At the time I was hugely influenced by CotMM, Starla, Daknit, and Beatdrop, since they were the ones I was talking to the most at the time, and if it wasn't for their help I wouldn't have gotten to this point.

:D Cool story, bro. I'm touched.

Forever and forever ago, I played lots of Rogue Spear on the MSN Gaming Zone (that is what it was called, right?). I had a friend who was huge into dance music, and specifically Judge Jules. In fact, the guy even called himself Judge Jules. Anyway, he sent me a drum loop, and I was like "Hey this is awesome," and he was like "Hey I made it," and I was like "Oh shit! How?!" He linked me to Hammerhead, and I started cranking out drum loops in my free time. Before long, I realized I wanted to do more than just drum loops, so I started looking online for other software. Found FruityLoops, downloaded the demo, and for the next 5 or 6 months, I cranked out craptons of MP3s with just the demo. Blah blah blah, bunch of stuff happened, and here I am.

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OCR was my gateway into the musical world!

I got into the community by listening to VGDJ and browsing the forums and eventually decided that I had to try and make a remix. So I picked up some crappy music software on clearance at Target and came up with this little number:


Six years later, and now I'm majoring in Sound Recording Technology at Texas State University and making music more like this:

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