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Soundtrack: "Crumbling Ruined City of Mur"


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After my thread for a WIP of this didn't get any responses, I hope nobody minds if I try once more, but this time with the finished version of the track :D


It's a track composed for a fake game soundtrack, and the description I was given is:

91 Crumbling Ruined City of Mur

It always seems to raining in this dark, dreary ruin. There are no great structures left in the city to hint at its former greatness. Everything is but a skeletal version of its former self. A hint of evil lingers in the air. Aside from mosses and mushrooms, plants refuse to retake the ruins, and dangerous creatures skulk in the shadows.

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A fine piano piece indeed, the ambience is bone chilling. Rather minimalistic too, in a good sort of way. Tracks like this seem to be a dying breed in VGM (I pulled this fact out of my ass), so it's nice to see some change, albeit a fake one.

Don't have much anything else to say really; I think you hit the description spot on! :smile:

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